Thursday, July 29, 2010

YakMusic: Korean boyband, 20Star Debut

Super Junior

Super Junior is one of Korean Entertainment largest idol group BUT guess who is out to challenge their title? First of all, many people were already surprised that there is a band consisting of 13 members, namely Super Junior. SM Entertainment did a good job at promoting the band and Super Junior's career has defintely taken a giant leap in the industry. However, is it neccessary to have another group similar to Super Junior? In addition, a band that has 17 members? Are you kidding me?!?!?!? *faints*

So heres the BIG news, TGN Entertainment is going to debut a new idol boy band consisting of 17 members. 20star will mark history's largest idol group stripping Super Junior off their title. Although there are only 15 members to date but their leader has already been chosen, namely, A-Run. Members of 20stars range from age 16 to 21. The youngest member being 16 would be Xeno.

20star banner

Not many information has been released but it is almost certain that the group will debut in August. What to expect from such a HUGE group? Well, I guess we expect BIG vocal capabilities, WIDE variety of songs and obviously A LOT of girl fans, no? I bet the company is also expecting one thing from 20star, A LOT of money. Let us just wait and see what 20stars has prepared to show the world.

Meanwhile, take a look at this video.

The yakster thinks they need more practice if they want to gain the hearts of many fans. Needless to say, they have big shoes to fill in after Super Junior. Overall, I think their dance moves were pretty good and it seems like almost all Korean idol band knows how to dance impressively. However, MBLAQ definitely set high standards to that song and 20star must definitely do more than that of the two members.

Has my yakking left you pondering about 20star? Well, here's a link to 20star site if you want to have further details. Unfortunately, it is in Korean so I suggest an online translator. (I used Google chrome) So, we just have to wait until they debut. I wonder why it just gets bigger and bigger?

What happened to groups like
Five and suffiient except for the fact that it is more separated into two and three now.

Go on, yak about 20star to your friends who adores K-Pop! (I can hear my sister yakking already)


Justin Lim Yee Jin said...

Lol suju and DBSK..
haha SNSD!

anyways hi amy!
thanks for dropping by my blog btw and nice to meet you!

well I since you're a nuffnang-er, I would suggest joining their events. Its a pretty good way to start and its pretty safe le, since most of the people there are nuffnang also. So its a controlled environment. After that just start making friends. ^^

Anonymous said...

SUJU IS STILL THE BEST OF THE BEST I SWEAR.!! but thanks for the information -smiles-

sOphiE said...

Let's support MO.A 2011 Concert Live in Malaysia!!!

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