Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yak Photography: Singapore wonders

I visited Singapore during Chinese New Year and had a blast there. Thumbs up to Singapore tourism although everything is very expensive since the currency exchange rate is so high. However, I enjoyed the trip but unfortunately I had with me a 2 megapixel camera at that time and these are the pictures I took.. This is a very late post but I only started blogging not long ago so here are the pictures I took at Singapore in February. Hope its not too bad. Taken at Singapore Chingay Festival 2010.

Once again I am sorry for the quality of the pictures but I used a 2 megapixel camera to take them so hopefully its sufficient.


Serge Norguard said...

2mp, 5mp, 10mp... doesn't really matter. As long as you can capture the feel of the moment, that is what matters the most.

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

@Serge Agree! XD

Blackswan said...

Hey, thks for the nang & I've done the same!

Nice shots u've got there! Coincidentally, I've also written a post on S'pore, Laksa, Freebies Galore At Changi Airport! Did u get to try these freebies while u were here?

ken said...

a DSLR would certainly capture better quality.. but cheerful pics nonetheless.. =)

farra8979 said...

nice pic.. ^_^

Anonymous said...

@Blackswan Thanks :)
@Ken yup :) thanks :)
@Farra Thanks a lot :)

aiwei said...

haha still ok la..can still recognise those objects la. at least u have got fancy colours in the picture. My no camera era which i have only a phone camera my camwhore picture look great becuase i guess it is blur haha...

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