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Yak Topic/Personal: Blogging vs Journalism 

I have been blogging for a while now and then it struck me to write on this topic. Is blogging journalism? First of all, as stated by wikipedia journalism is,

Journalism is the investigation and reporting of events, issues, and trends to a broad audience. Although there is much variation within journalism, the ideal is to inform the citizenry. Besides covering organizations and institutions such as government and business, journalism also covers cultural aspects of society such as arts and entertainment. The field includes jobs such as editing, photojournalism, and documentary.
and this is what blogging means [also from wikipedia],

Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability of readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art (Art blog), photographs (photoblog), videos (Video blogging), music (MP3 blog), and audio (podcasting). Microblogging is another type of blogging, featuring very short posts.

I am very much confused but I can tell you one thing which is, I enjoy blogging a lot. Blogging is not just a hobby, it is a passion. My tag line is inspired to inspire and I created Especial Thoughts to deliver this tag line with a new concept called the Yak Movement.

However, I blog out of passion and as a hobby but I am still interested in journalism. Journalism as in something you see from the newspaper or magazine.

Journalism spells excitement and adventure to me. It is something I am really interested in but I know little of it. I might search about and read it's definition but I want to know what really goes on behind it. Hence, here is the main point to this post which is The Star BRATs programme 2010.

The Star has organized a young journalist workshop for the longest time even before I was born. This workshop is called BRATs which stands for Bright, Roving, Annoying, Teenagers. I submitted my essay in the beginning of the year after my father told me about it. I jumped at the chance and luckily I was chosen. Therefore, I will be able to finally experience journalism and hopefully come up with a conclusion to this topic.

However, my life long goal is to be a writer. I want to become a journalist while I still have the youth and energy in me but what happens when I retire? [I know its a bit too early to talk about retirement but better late than sorry] I want to write, I want to inspire people with what I write. Hence, my journey begins here, blogging, journalism and writing.

but right now, I must go through one important chapter in life first, SPM 2010.

Inspired to inspire
Yak Event: HELP Inter-varsity Mid Autumn Carnival 2010

Have you ever heard of the tale between two lovers that meet each other only once every year? Moreover, they meet at the most romantic place in the universe, the moon well actually I do not know how romantic it is but it has to be since the moon is surrounded by stars.

The tale is tragic but we celebrate it because at least they get to meet each other, even if it is only once. Actually, I celebrate it because of one thing and obviously most of us are the same when it comes to food. That is right, I love mid autumn celebrations because of moon cakes. There are different kinds of moon cake, red bean, lotus yolk, green tea but my favourite will be the durian moon cake. No kidding, there is durian moon cake which is delicious and can be bought at LAVENDER bakery, Mid Valley Megamall.

[The yakster ate the durian moon cake faster than you can say supercallifragilisticexpeallydocious. Hence, I only have this picture of a lotus double yolk moon cake my mother bought from Hong Kong]

Mid Autumn must be boring then if you don't like food. [Which I find not possible, how can anyone not like food?] However, I have very good news. HELP University College is organizing a Mid Autumn Carnival on the 14th and 15th of September. Why is it good news? First of all, it is two days of fun filled games, activities and performances. Second, it is during the school holidays.


Date: 14th to 15th September 2010
Time: 10 a.m to 6 p.m. [Carnival]
          7 p.m. to 10 p.m. [Concert]
Admission: Free [Carnival]
                  RM 10 [Concert]
Venue: Help University College Main campus carpark

If you noticed there is the carnival and then the concert. The concert is charged at RM10 but it is value for money because there is going to be awesome performances. Douglas Lim will be performing and live drum performance too. For more information visit this site Mid Autumn Carnival. I highly recommend you to attend this event organized by HELP. Based on C2AGE organized earlier I am positive to say that HELP's events are worth the trip, time and money.

Here is the map to Help University College.

So here is another event that you should start yakking about to your friends, family or anyone you hang out with. As for me, I am not sure whether I will be going or not because my SPM trials is a week after that. Maybe I will attend one day and just for a while or maybe not. However, I hope you can make it and enjoy your mid autumn celebration.

Once upon a time, our ancestors were not as lucky as we are right now. We have to be grateful that our unsung heroes fought to their death to bring us peace. We have to be grateful that our leaders work their sweat and blood to free our land. We have to be grateful that Malaysia was officially declared an independent country on this day, 53 years ago.

Malaysia might not be as advanced compared to Japan or USA. However, we are unique in our own way. Our culture is beyond admirable, it is inspiring. Malaysians were never seen as a country with one race, we have Malay, Chinese and Indians living together in peace and harmony. Many years has passed since independence and our country grew each day to be bigger, better and bombastic.

We work hand in hand despite our colour, race and religion. We are 1 Malaysia.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Yak Photography: One Utama Secret Garden Part 2

Here are more pictures that I took at One Utama Secret Garden as promised.

More pictures at Yak Photogallery!

PS//The captions above are fairy tales and not the name of the flowers.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yak Event/ Yak Topic: Taylor’s Asaban Festival 2010/ Anime. Cosplay. Games.

(The yakster wants to warn you that this is a longer than average post)

First of all, this is what happened at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus on 28 August 2010, Saturday which was the Taylor’s Asaban Festival 2010. From 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. was the ‘Asa’ part of the festival which highlights cosplay, singing competition and live performances.

I reached there at around 11 a.m. and it was very hot. Quite a number of cosplayers were they already but the ambience was not what I was expected it to be. Entrance fee was RM10 per person but it goes to charity. My first impression was, ‘where are the people?” However, the cosplay competition just started and the participants were already posing on stage.

As usual, each participant was required to come up with three striking pose.

Most of the cosplayers that were around didn’t join the competition and only a few did. Hence, I went and lurk around the place to take pictures of the silent cosplayers which is in fact more than willing to pose for you.

I was a bit surprised that Taylor’s canceled the art competition because it was a huge hit during C2AGE organized by Help University College. Fortunately, there was one very talented artist in the house and his master pieces were amazing.


Similar to C2AGE there was also a figurine display table. Some of the figurines were the same because it was from the same company. Therefore, I only took of the figurines that I didn’t see the last time.

Cosplay is not just a hobby, it is a platform and community for anime or comic lovers to share their passion and joy with each other. We meet new friends and have fun. Most of the cosplayers I know are younger than me, there are my juniors. I guess it appeals more to the younger generation. Can you imagine your uncle cosplaying? I guess not.

The booths set up during ACG was mainly focused on artwork and some of them selling button badges. There was a store selling coloured lens which I wanted so much to get but I know I won’t be able to wear them so I didn’t. Furthermore, there was a stall which sold umbrellas and guess who they asked to pose with their product? Please, don’t laugh.

It was nice but RM60 was not affordable, it was beyond affordable. Next, the food they were selling outside was not that great since choices were limited. My father came to look for my sister and I to go hunt for food. Since Taylor’s was still new, barely anything was open. Actually, nothing was open. We were on the edge of giving up and we were starving but fortunately we spotted everyone at SUBWAY. There was SUBWAY at Taylors and most people were eating there. (Now you know how I got the title?) Everyone was eating SUBWAY and trust me, it was the best option.

After lunch, we went back to take more pictures. This time, let me show you a few group pictures.

I didn’t stay for the ‘Ban’ part of the festival which includes Bon-Odori dance and Yukata demonstration. However, based on the ‘Asa’ part which is ACG, Anime, Comic and Games I conclude that it was not bad but I preferred C2AGE because there was more activities that day which included art competition, Udon eating competition, cosplay checkers and live auction.

In a nutshell, it was a successful event because many people came and had fun. Cosplayers were more though and they definitely had a good time. The next event to look out for would be Comic Fiesta, the biggest cosplay event in Malaysia and it lasts for two days.

My friend has decided for the both of us to cosplay based of Hellsing and I am supposed to be the blondie but I never watch Hellsing so I have to google it up. She decides our characters for the first day and I get to choose for the second day. Any suggestions which anime I should take?

PS//I have to put this picture up because this guy was so shy when he wanted to ask for a picture.

Yak Photography: Secret Garden

Here are a few pictures I took after I went for Taylor's Asaban Festival 2010. I will upload only a few for now and will add more later on. It is actually taken at One Utama's Secret Garden which you can pay a visit to on Saturdays and Sundays. Admission is free and be sure to be there at least by 5 p.m. The place was breath-taking and beautiful.

Simplicity at its best
Can you see how huge the plant is?
Life size ruler to help you measure
Very 'Ang' flower
Double the flower, double the joy
Orange, its blinding
Animal prints?
I must have my crystals shot
More pictures will be uploaded soon but this is just a sneak peak. I will also post up my review on Taylor's Asaban Festival and pictures I there. Just as a warning, its going to be a long post.

PS: I actually went to One Utama with wearing my yukata and the yakster's sister pretended she didn't know me. What to do, my father wanted to bring me there right after he picked me up from Taylor's and I was so eager to go to refuse.
Yak Topic: How to wear a yukata?
Yak Event: Taylor's Asaban Fest 2010

Is everyone getting ready to attend Taylor's Asaban Festival 2010 or are you all geared up to go? Doors open at 10 a.m. but I suggest to go around 11 a.m because the opening ceremony is mainly speeches. So, whether or not you are cosplaying I am pretty positive that you do want to look good, right? The yakster is not going to cosplay today but I will cosplay for comic fiesta cause it takes time to prepare the costume. Therefore, she decided to wear a yukata instead and thanks to her friend, she is wearing one now.

Just for your information, a yukata is a Japanese kimono and here is how it looks like.

In my opinion, yukata is one of the nicest traditional clothes around the globe apart from the Kimono from Korea. All the way from Japan, yukata is quite costly but if you really want one then I recommend this online site Oh! Japan. Their yukata is range from RM150++ to RM250++ but it is quality guaranteed and they even give you a surprise gift if you purchase a yukata from them. I suggest buying the set in whole as it is cheaper that way. Unless, you have the money to spend.

How to wear a yukata?

Wear a yukata roughly over the shoulder on a yukata slip. Make sure to place the centerline straight along with your back lengthways, by holding both sleeve caps away from you body.
Hold both collar ends in front of you and check the line. Keeping your hands holding color ends, lift the yukata off the floor to adjust its length. The skirting of the yukata is worn just above the ankles.
Continue to hold the yukata tightly and bring the left overlap over the body and adjust its width such that its collar end runs along the right point of the collar bone. Make sure that no creases left around the hip
Open up the left overlap and bring the right overlap over the body. Bring the left overlap over the right overlap to where the width previously decided. Lower the hem to about 10cm from the floor.
Continue to hold the yukata tightly with the right hand. Take the half point of the waist sash (‘koshihimo’ sash) and place it on the center of your front body with the left hand.
Cross the ‘koshihimo’ sash on your back and pull each end with your both hands to fix the yukata with it.
Bring each end of the ‘koshihimo’ sash in front your waist and fasten with a catch. Overlap the sash to make only one line.
Insert both hands into the openings under the arm (‘miyastuguchi’). Use both hands to remove any creases around the waist on both the back and front of the body.
Adjust the distance between the collar and neck by pulling the collar ends according to your hairstyle or bodyline. Insert a ‘kimono belt” from the left ‘miyatsuguchi’ and fasten the right collar at a little above the waistline with a catch. Fold up the creases below the fastener and sweep them away to the right side. Pull out the other end of the belt.
Bring the belt from the back to the right side and fasten the left collar at the same position as the other side.
Place a ‘datejime’ band from the front around the waist.
Tie ‘datejime’ belt on top of ‘koshihimo’ sash in the same way. FINISH!
Isn't the cartoon girl helpful? Trust me, it takes just approximately 15 minutes to wear a yukata but you will need someone to help you wear the obi if you are wearing the pre-tied version. So is everyone all ready to go for Taylor's Asaban Fest 2010?

Here are the details if you need it:

What is happening?
Taylor's Asaban Festival 2010

When is it happening?
28 August 2010, Saturday [TODAY]

What time?
10a.m. until 7 p.m. [I suggest going there at 11 a.m and leave when you feel like fainting]

Most importantly, where is it? How to get there?
It's at Taylor's Lakeside campus and here is the map.

Click to enlarge
Hope you find this useful and see you there!

PS: If you so happen to see me, don't laugh cause I look short in a yukata. Wait a minute, I am short T_T

Source for how to wear a yukata Tourism metro

Behind the scene pictures.

Remember to wear something inside!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Yak Malaysia/ Topic: Puasa Ramadhan

I am not referring to the novel Fasting, Feasting but rather about Ramadhan. Even though I am not muslim but I think it is actually fun to ‘puasa for one month. First of all, why do I say that? In my opinion, there are more good and beneficial things that comes out from this month instead of negative things. For instance, the bond with family and friends when they ‘buka puasa’ or break fast. It cannot be denied that in the modern era, most children will barely see their parents and let alone eat dinner with them.


However, this is the magic of Ramadhan, everyone will always have the time to break fast with each other. In other words, they spend more quality time together. Children who normally don’t get to eat with their parents or have quality bonding session will find this as the the time to fill the gap. Every family will have their break fast with each other everyday. They buy the food home, go out to eat or invite other people but most of all, they spend time together. Is it not the most important thing to spend quality time with the people you love?


Of course, fasting is not easy but have you ever seen a muslim break fast with a long sour face or do they have a smile plastered on their face instead? It is obvious that everything we do in life brings us joy directly or indirectly. Not only is the part of breaking fast together fun but also the part where the plan of what to have for break fast enjoyable. Most people will think that it is best not to mention about food when fasting but instead, that is the better part of fasting, talking about the food.


The yakster studies in a class that has a population of 95% muslim but all they ever yak about to each other in class is food. We yak about food, drool while thinking about it and even when we get home the first thing we tweet each other on twitter, is about food. In addition, the normal conversation before 7 p.m. is what are you having for ‘buka puasa’. So it is proven that fasting and feasting is a beautiful thing. However, being said so it is still hard to fast the whole day and the hardest part is always not being able to drink water.


Therefore, I am proud to share with you a few tips on how not to feel like you are fasting even though you are. Wait a minute, you must be thinking how would I know since I don’t fast. Of course I know because there are times that I was so busy, I forgot to eat the whole day which is equivalent to fasting.

My first tip, just eat normally in the morning and evening because you will mess your body up by trying to eat more than usual and you feel weird after that.

Second, go about your normal routine as usual. Don’t worry about not having enough energy because when you suddenly change your usual lifestyle then you are more likely to feel lethargic.

Lastly, just distract yourself, do as much fun stuff or something that you enjoy because as I say, when you are occupied, you will even forget that you are hungry.


Happy fasting and may you enjoy feasting with your family, relatives and friends
The wonders of Malaysia is the people, the culture and the food. No doubt are we one nation that lives in harmony among each other. This is what I call 1 Malaysia.
[A trip to The Curve, witnessed their creative display for Ramadhan, took pictures and was inspired. Thus, the yakster wanted to yak about it right here, right now.]
Yak Topic: DSLR Camera, Canon VS Nikon

I am very sure that every photographer or someone who wants to be a photographer will want to own a DSLR camera. However, it is a lot of money to buy one so which brand has the better value? I love to take pictures because a picture speaks a thousand words. Recently, my father bought me a CANON EOS 1000D in May and it has become a part of me ever since.However, the yaskter's sister got another DSLR camera today. The NIKON D5000.

The DSLR war challengers:



What have I got to say about these two cameras? Well, if you ask me which is better Nikon or Canon. All I have to say is the is really not much of a difference. However, because Canon EOS 1000D as compared to NIKON D5000 is a more for beginners DSLR. Hence, the price between the two is more than a length apart.

Canon EOS 1000D costs around RM1899 where as Nikon D5000 is approximately RM2799. Can you see the difference in digits? If you ask in terms of looks then there is two ways of judging between the two. First of all, the lens. Alright, even though I own the Canon but I have to admit that Nikon's lens is much nicer. On the other hand, Canon's body kit beats Nikon anytime.

Features? There are both about the same except that Nikon D5000 has a wider range of ISO compared to Canon EOS 1000D. However, is you prefer to take portraits and scenery then Nikon D5000 has better picture colour but if you want to capture speed and do 'freeze' pictures then Canon EOS 1000D is the obvious choice. As for me, I am not biased but because I love to take fast moving objects and 'freeze' water therefore I prefer Canon.

So, what do you think? I will continue to upload pictures taken with my Canon EOS 1000D but this time I will also link my sister's blog to let you see pictures taken with her Nikon D5000 and hopefully it will help you make a decision between the two DSLR cameras. The yakster is going to take more pictures and improve her photography skills because she now has another yakster at home who is going to take pictures too. The war has just begun.

The yaskter with her Canon EOS 1000D

Another yakster and her Nikon D5000

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just keep moving forward because time is never still

There are times in life where you find that the problems you face has no solution. Let me just assure you that to every problem, there is a solution unless that problem is within yourself then you need to get serious medical help. Nothing in life is impossible, we just have to have faith, hope and believe in ourselves.

Tough times will come but it will eventually bid its farewell to us. It is up to us to keep moving forward. When you find yourself defeated and crushed do stop to think things through for a while. Think of what you have in life that cannot be replaced, the life you have is promising because at least you still can breath, walk and talk. Recently, eight very unfortunate Hong Kong tourist was killed in Philippines.

If you have been reading the news then you should know about this unfortunate event that happened in Philippines. A group of Hong Kong tourist were on holiday when all of a sudden their bus was hold captive by an armed and dangerous man. Never would the eight of them have thought that a fun trip will cause them their lives. Reading about news such as this gives us a heartache.

Can you imagine it happening to you? We certainly don't want the same fate to fall upon us but we cannot predict what will happen in the future. The future is like a rainbow, you will never know what is on the other end even if a thousand people comes out with a thousand predictions. My mood was severely bad earlier on because of lack of sleep and rest. However, I should be grateful that I am still able to even write this post compared to the eight Hong Kee that was in that bus but never made it out safely.

I sincerely pray for their family good health and may they rest in peace.

Always have a heart filled with hope. Nothing is more devastating compared to not being able to live life. To be able to live life is a gift that we can never buy. Hence, keep moving forward in any given situation. Have a heart filled with hope. There is always light in every darkness.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My angels without wings post moved to Amy Lim Su Yen.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Here is a video I took of Lee Hom singing Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi and also the part where My FM Dj, Royce interviews Lee Hom on stage. It was not possible to take everything so I took the best parts and combined them together. The video is from Especial Thoughts official YouTube channel that was just created.

All videos from now onwards can be found at Especial Thoughts YouTube channel. Hence, for more videos like this, do subscribe to Especial Thoughts YouTube channel, username suyenlimamy.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

YakEvents: Wang Lee Hom, 18 Martial Arts press conference and showcase in Malaysia

The yakster's Sunday was occupied the whole day. I went to see Wang Lee Hom in person. It is indeed a very good opportunity to meet a superstar like Lee Hom. So this is what I did on Sunday, Lee Hom's showcase is scheduled to be at 7 p.m. at central park, One Utama. Hence, my friend and I planned to watch Lee Hom's movie, Love in Disguise at 12 p.m before entering the fan club zone at the showcase.

I highly recommend you to watch Love in Disguise, a movie starring Lee Hom and directed by him as well. The plot of the story is very well planned. The acting was natural, even for all the actors and actresses. Furthermore, the movie has all the different aspects such as humor, romance and a lot of meaningful lessons to incorporate in ourselves. Do go and watch it if you have the time.

After the movie, we decided to visit One World hotel because we knew Lee Hom is staying there. We thank our lucky stars because Lee Hom's press conference was about to take place at Jasmine&Orchid Room, One World Hotel. A guard was kind enough to show us the way and we manage to find our way there. All the media people was there but they let us lurk around the area.

We decided to wait for Lee Hom to arrive and at around 3 p.m, half an hour before the press conference started, guards were standing at the entrance and they forbid other people from entering. However, we were already in so they didn't send us off. Therefore, we were the only fans around to see Lee Hom arrive and I want to give him two thumbs up because Lee Hom was very punctual, arriving at 3.30 p.m. on the dot.

Lee Hom, arriving at the press conference venue  
Dressed in simple white t-shirt
He said, "Hi" to us
There is no doubt Lee Hom is down to earth because we were just some fans standing there but he said "Hi" to us. Hence, he is definitely one unpretentious artist and it is admirable because not many artist is like that. The press conference was from 3.30p.m. to 5.00p.m but we couldn't go in because it was a closed conference. Hence, we made our way to grab some food before the showcase.

A lot of people were there, no kidding. There was at least 2000 people or more than that. I am not sure because I couldn't even see everyone that was standing, waiting for him. Lee Hom sure has a huge fan base. Anyone was welcomed to meet Lee Hom and if they wanted to get his signature and meet him up close then all they have to do is to purchase 18 Martial Arts, Lee Hom's latest album at RM50 which came with a gigantic poster and necklace.

Homaniacs fan club zone

Look at the crowd

We waited from 4.30p.m to 7p.m for Lee Hom to arrive and again he was punctual. MyFM DJ Royce was the emcee and he when he announced the arrival of Lee Hom, everyone was very excited. Lee Hom came on stage and performed "Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi" which is the theme song of Love In Disguise. He sang it very well and everyone was mesmerized by Lee Hom.

Lee Hom talking
MyFM DJ Royce asking Lee Hom a few questions        

 After Lee Hom's splendid performance, he proceeded to sign our albums. It must be very tough to become such a successful artist because he had to sign up to a few thousand albums.

My friend, red bag. Yakster, behind, brown bag.
Even when signing, Lee Hom waved and said, "Hi"
After Lee Hom signed finished the Homaniac fan club fans albums he went to ask Royce what should he do if he needs to go to the toilet. Royce told Lee Hom that there are no toilets available on stage so Lee Hom joked around and asked if he must continue to hold it in. Hence, Lee Hom excused himself for a while and he promised to be back to sign the other fan's album which were not from the fans club which is indeed a lot more people.

I absolutely love this picture

Lee Hom left and promised to be back. However, we were too tired to wait and since we already saw him up close and got his signature we decided to go home. I pity the fans that had to wait for him but Lee Hom will always sign every single one of his fan's album even if it has to be until midnight.

It was an amazing experience meeting Wang Lee Hom live in Malaysia. I enjoyed myself even though it was really tiring and I am happy to know that there are such genuine artist out there. Wang Lee Hom can sing, dance and his personality shines the most. He smiled at the yakster and not many artist will even look up to a fan when they sign their album. My conclusion, Wang Lee Hom is an artist that deserves the fame and fortune he has.

The yakster took more pictures and recorded Wang Lee Hom's performance live which will be updated later on after all necessary editing is completed. Hope you enjoyed meeting Lee Hom through here if you missed him in person.

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