Thursday, August 12, 2010

YakPersonal: Stress? If I say I am not stress then I am lying.

I had a writer's block this week because I was under too much stress. I didn't write any short story this week nor did I publish any new post for my blogs until now. What happened? Let's just say preparing for SPM is putting me under a lot of stress. Stress is indeed hazardous to us, when we are stress, everything doesn't seems to make any sense.

Wednesday morning, I was under serious stress and I cried in school. However, I gave myself counseling to overcome this stress and it worked! So now I am going to share with you a few ways to overcome stress, or at least, minimize stress to a sustainable level.

Counseling number one, let it all out. In simple term, cry. (Applies more to girls) It might not work solely by just crying our eye balls out but some of the stress would have evaporated with the tears, right? Next, yak non stop to your friends, siblings or parents. Trust me, if you keep all your stress problems to yourself than you are only making life more miserable. There is no harm in letting it out, just start yakking to someone you trust.

Moving on, ever heard of an anti-stress power food? I present to you,

Chocolates and sweets
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, a chocolate a day keeps misery at bay. It has been proven that chocolate has the ability to reduce our stress level and improve our moods. You will definitely feel much, much better after having one, two or maybe even three chocolates. (The yakster finished one bar of Cadbury's Turkish Delight and that is the reason why it is not even in the picture)

Still stressed up? Don't worry it was not easy for me to recover from too much stress either. If you not only like to yak like me but have a flair in art then this is what you can do; draw, sketch or doodle anything. Just anything will do because the idea is to keep yourself occupied so you wouldn't think of the stress too much. 

A random piece of art

 Stress is present in everybody at anytime and anywhere. However, when stress starts to control you instead of the other way around then something should be done. Take time to sit and think of the problems that caused you to stress. If there is too much stress than you just cannot handle then start accessing the problem one step at a time. 

The one thing that one must not forget is to never give up. Never give up something no matter how hard it is to  get past it. It might be hard for you now but there are people who has bigger problems. Stress is just our excuse to not overcome the obstacle we are in. Stress is just a word. 

Here is a video that you should watch when you feel like giving up due to too much stress,

This video made me realized that I shouldn't dwell in my own stress. Who am I to say that I have too much stress? Compared to him, I should be ashamed to even admit that I let stress got a hold of me. Everyone has problems but some people who have bigger problems than us don't face as much stress as we do. Hence, we should learn from these people and overcome the stress that we are having.

Last but not least, the last thing that I did to reduce my stress to a minimal level that you should also give it a try is...........BLOGGING. The yakster is glad that she wrote about her stress in this blog post and her stress level is very normal right now. After this, she can attack the books calmly and hopefully everything she reads will remain in her head until SPM is over.

So, how stress are you?

PS: The tips above is based on the yaskter's own experience, anymore tips to reduce stress do share at the comment box. 


ken said...

when im stressed, i'll eat.. or go to sleep.. haha.. all the best with the spm preparations =)

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

Thanks! :-)

Chloe said...

Nice piece of artwork!

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

Thanks :-)

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