Wednesday, July 28, 2010
31@7 Ken Wooi Birthday Celebration Party Plan.

Birthday's are special because each birthday comes only once in our life and that is it. Therefore, why not do something superb for our birthdays? Have you heard that Ken Wooi's 22nd Birthday is on the 31 July? Here is my birthday plan for Ken Wooi. I call it the 31@7 Ken Wooi Birthday Celebration Party Plan. 

What is so special about this celebration party? It is not just any other birthday party because it is organized specially for Ken Wooi. Here's the details. Since, Ken Wooi's birthday is on the 31 July so on that day seven things would be done and each lasting for 31 minutes. Seven because July is the seventh month and 31 minutes because its on the 31 day. 

Who is attending? 22 of Ken Wooi's friends, family members or even bloggers as long as there are 22 of them. Why 22? Because its Ken Wooi's 22nd birthday! First of all, everyone is suppose to meet Ken Wooi at 7.31 a.m to start the 31@7 birthday celebration. (7.31 a.m, get it?)

First stop,
Check in at one of the nicest hotels around and just hang out for 31 minutes.
Second stop,
31 minutes horse riding
Third stop,
Enjoy breath taking scenery, 31 minutes cable car ride
Fourth stop,
Relax at Garden restaurant 

Delicious durian cream puffs served to Ken Wooi 

While someone play Ken Wooi a Happy Birthday song
Fifth thing to do,
Relax at another splendid resort and get sun tanned
Followed by a dinner before continuing on to the sixth stop. Ken Wooi's 22nd birthday dinner will be the most memorable dinner to all who attend because it will be the first 22 course dinner anyone has ever eaten. Take a look at an example of all the food that will be prepared,

I wonder if 31 minutes is sufficient to finish this dinner?

Not forgetting the birthday cake,

Just an example of a cake my mother baked but Ken Wooi's cake should be made by someone special to him.

After the very satisfying 22 course dinner the celebration continue with the sixth destination, a stroll at the beach since everyone would be to full to move about too much.

Last but not least, the seventh surprise for Ken Wooi's 22nd Birthday Celebration party. 

31 minutes fireworks dedicated to ken Wooi on his special day
31@7 will be Ken Wooi's most memorable birthday to date because it is not just a splendid birthday plan but it will be attended by his most cherished friends and family members. I believe birthdays should be spent with the people we love. So I wish Ken Wooi a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may you have a wonderful time with your friends and family!

Here is a little something from me, 
*All pictures are taken by the yakster (me), Amy Lim Su Yen.


Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Wow, spend 31 minutes and get to the next stop for another 31 minutes sounds exhausted, haha. But I like it, creative and meaningful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I appreciate your comment :-)

akuzle said...

a good n3 contest, dear.... surely kenwooi will like it.... the best of all...durian cream puffs!!...ehhehee... nuthing meaningful 2 enjoy a birthday except good food, invigorating vacation with loved ones rite? good luck!

akuzle said...

sory i juz saw the result... nvm, ur n3 caught Ken's attention coz he mentioned it in the n3....

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

@akuzle it's ok :-) haha, it was fun writing this post and thanks for the comment! do visit me again :-)

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