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Section B: Continuous Writing
[50 marks]

Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics.

4. Write a story ending with:
“…….we looked at each other and burst into laughter”

Winter jokes
By, Amy Lim Su Yen

“Hey Mary, hurry up” yelled Alice and Bob across the street. I waved to them and smiled. Alice, Bob and Mary, the three musketeers that is what everyone refer us as. Sometimes people do ask if we ever get tired of seeing each other all the time and our answer will also be the same, no. “Hey, Mary day dreaming again?” asked Bob while Alice is just right behind him.
            I yanked him on the shoulder and he pinched my cheeks. That is how we always greet each other. “Look at the both of you, never changed” said Alice. “When will my friends ever grow up” she continued. Both Bob and I then pinched her as well. “Your turn, Alice” we laughed out loud. Something was rather odd because Alice looked more annoyed than usual and she changed the topic right away. “Do you guys want to go to school or not? Its starting to snow heavily so we better get going” she said in annoyance. We dare not say anything else and off we went to school.

                School passed by rather fast during the winter maybe because everything is so cool. Even the most boring and dull subjects felt cool. I giggled at my own lame joke. “So what is the joke?” asked Bob distracted by me. “Nothing, just an inside joke of mine which will sound rather lame to you and it would be better not to tell you” I said as a matter of fact because Bob always laughed at my jokes and claims that they are lame. Alright, maybe he is slightly right, they are kind of lame but I would not say all the time.

                He looked at me with an eyebrow tilted up. “Spill it” he said. Just then, Alice came and joined in 
our conversation while Mrs. Potter is still teaching the history behind World War II in front not realizing the three of us are being distracted. “So what is going on with you two chatter box?” she asked, interested to know what was going on behind here. “Alright, here is the joke. You know how all the subjects we have especially World History is so utterly boring and dull? Well, I was just telling myself everything is so cool during winter including History. You get it? Cool?” I said followed by a slight laughter.

                Both of them looked at each other and they just shook their heads as though to say there is nothing they can do about this friend of theirs already. “Alright, it is lame. I know” I said rather embarrassed at myself too.  “Anyway, let us ignore our good friend’s lame joke and talk about something interesting. There is a new café down the road, about three blocks from here. You girls want to go there this evening to chill out? It will be cool. Get it? Chill out, cool?” said Bob in a funny tone which did sound funny. I laughed.

                It is always easy to make me laugh but I have no idea why I cannot do the same. On the other hand, Alice remained silent and deep in her own thoughts. I observed her for a while. Something is particular wrong with Alice these few days. She lost her usual bubbly personality. It was easier to make her laugh instead of me but both Bob and I have not heard any of her laughter for the longest time. Well, a few days are awfully long for us. “Alice, is anything the matter?” Bob asked before I did. So he noticed too. “No, I am fine. I cannot make it tonight so the both of you just go on without me” she said and we saw that she tried to force a smile.  

                The wind was blowing and it was ice cold on our face. Our jokes will now go from cool to freezing. “So it is just the both of us this evening. What do you feel like doing?” Bob asked after I managed to get myself out from my coat. I immediately ordered a cup of hot chocolate before answering him. “Actually, Bob I was thinking of something and it has been bugging me like an annoying bug or something” I told him frankly. He raised an eyebrow. Bob is always raising an eyebrow.

                “You mean about Alice?” he asked suddenly being very serious. Alright, so he is not just good at jokes but good at guessing as well or maybe it was so obvious that Alice has been behaving so weird lately that any five year old kid would have guessed it as well. I nodded. “Me too, she has been behaving very odd lately. Something is going on and she is not telling us about it” said Bob while the waitress placed two cup of hot chocolate in front of us.

                We took a sip at the rich and hot liquid and I felt my entire body being filled with warmth and happiness. I smiled and told Bob, “I can feel happiness entering my intestine”. He looked at me with his face painted red. I think he was preventing himself from bursting out in laughter. He swallowed it into his stomach and said calmly, “That is by far the lamest thing I have ever heard from you in this ten years”. I ignored his statement and reverted back to our original topic. “About Alice, what do you think is going on with her? I am worried, Bob” I said and it was the truth.

                I am awfully worried for Alice. Bob looked at me for a while and then he whispered to me slowly and carefully, “I think she is dating the principal’s son and both of them have been spending the entire winter together every evening”. I was taken aback by what he has just said. “Alice has been doing what? How did you find out?” I asked him, puzzled and confused. He adjusted his sitting position and leaned back slightly. “Well, I heard the principal has a son and I have been seeing her walking to the principal’s house quite often” Bob explained but I had a feeling he was spying on her.

                “You were spying on Alice were you not?” I questioned. He immediately had guilt plastered across his face. “Fine, I was spying on her but would you not spy on your best friend who has been acting like she lost her soul or something? Alright, here is the thing. I followed her that day while she was walking home from school and guess where she went? Yes, that is right she went all the way to the principal’s house, rang the doorbell and she went in. So how odd is that?” Bob said everything in such an instant, asked a question that I did not even answer and left me agog.

                I gathered everything he just said and recalled all the pieces of information I just gathered in my head. “You are rather slow, Mary” Bob teased. I threw him a glare. “Wait a minute, Bob. So are you trying to say our dear Alice is ditching us after she started dating the principal’s son which I never knew existed? Oh my goodness” I said. I finally understood what he just told me. He slammed his hand on his head. “You are by far the slowest person I have ever met” he said. “Fine, Bob you can laugh at me later but can we please go and check on Alice now? What if something goes wrong while the both of them is at home? What if they are at home alone?” I said, nervous.

                Bob stared at me wide eyed. “You thought what?” he asked in amazement. I blushed, “You can laugh at me again later but it is a possibility you know. An innocent young and absolutely gorgeous girl with a guy in his house is dangerous. It spells danger, Bob. Danger” I emphasized on the word danger. Bob looked at me for a while but I can read it in his expression that he is now worried as well so we agreed to be spies tonight and we are going to spy on our friend, Alice.

                It must be at least three degrees out here and I cannot help but to worry about my ear falling off. Bob and I stood behind a pine tree big enough to hide us from Alice’s sight. Here she is. She walked straight to the principal’s front door. I tried to see who opened the door for her to enter but this pine tree did more than it was supposed to do. “Bob, did you see who let her in the house?” I asked Bob, hoping he had seen this mysterious guy. “Nope, this pine tree is way too big” he said truthfully. “Well, it was your idea to find refugee behind this pine tree was it not?” I retorted, annoyed that neither of us saw that guy.

                “Come on” Bob said. “Do what?” I asked him. “Ring the bell, see who she is with and get some questions answered and if the guy annoys us then give him two black rings on each eye” Bob said pulling me with him. I tried to resist him and prevent us from doing anything rash but it was too late, we were already at the front door. The door bell sounds very weird. The door swung open immediately after Bob released his finger from the door bell. A middle aged woman was standing right in front of us. “Good evening children, may I help you?” she greeted us politely.

                We were puzzled but I managed to speak up. “Good evening, madam. Is Alice here?” I asked her politely. Bob remained silent, coward. The lady smiled and told us to wait for a while. Alice came running and her eyes were almost popping out when she saw the both of us standing at the front door. “Bob? Mary? What are you doing here?” she asked. I pointed to Bob and he pointed back to me. Bob then said, “Well, I was spying on you and saw you coming here every evening and I told Mary about it and Mary was afraid you are being tricked by the principal’s son and she was afraid that something dangerous could have happened to you and so we decided to come here tonight and find some answers to this whole puzzle of ours” he finished everything in one single breath and I do not know how he managed it.

                Alice remained silent for a while. Bob and I just stood there, still puzzled and confused. “My dear Mary and Bob the principal has a son but he is five years old. I am their baby sitter and that is why I cannot spend my evening the past few weeks with the both of you” she said. Wait a minute. What did I just hear from her? “How about the change in behavior, you have not been laughing like you always did for the past few weeks” asked Bob. “That is right. You behaved very weirdly” I chipped in. Alice hesitated for a while then she opened her mouth opened as wide as possible, baring her teeth to us which was the answer to all our questions, bright pink braces. I cannot believe my eyes and I turned to Bob. We looked at each other and burst into laughter.

1953 words
1 hour and 15 minutes

[Exceeded time limit but I cannot cut this story short so I just continued writing] 

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Section B: Continuous Writing
[50 marks]

Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics.

2. Write a story beginning with:
“I was lucky to be alive”

Not letting you go
By, Amy Lim Su Yen

“I was lucky to be alive” I told my mother although in my heart I know perfectly well that it has nothing to do with luck. My mother adjusted the pillow and she placed the blanket over me. “Yes, Laura. Luck and blessing was on your side” she agreed to my statement. I forced a smile at her because my heart was carrying a lot of guilt. I stared out the window for a while and watched the leaves falling from the huge tree outside.

Suddenly, I can hear Dr. Crawford’s voice coming from outside. He was saying something to the nurse before he entered the room. “Hello, Laura. How are you feeling today?” he greeted me warmly as soon as he entered the room. I forced another smile at him, “Great, doctor”. Ever since I woke up and answered questions such as how are you feeling today a thousand white lies has already been told. Every single time I answered great, fine, alright or similar I was in fact lying through the gap of my teeth.

“If you are feeling fine then that is absolutely swell. What do you think of going home, Laura?” the doctor asked me. I looked at him, excited a little. “You mean I can be discharged?” I asked him back. He nodded and that is by far the best thing I have heard from anyone so far. The doctor smiled, knowing that it is exactly the thing I was longing to hear from him. “You can go home this evening my dear but if you were to feel unwell anytime at anywhere you will have to come back immediately. Do you understand?” he said firmly.
I nodded and smiled, this time it was genuine. “Before I forget, Mrs. Brickfield may I have a little talk with you outside?” Dr. Crawford asked my mother. 

Both of them left the room, leaving me all alone. I can finally stop pretending for now since they are not around. I can stop pretending that I am happy to be alive. I can stop pretending that everything is fine. I can stop faking my smiles. I can just be myself now.

My mind drifted off to another place. I was thinking of that night. A night that I would rather forget but I do not think it will be possible to forget what has happened that night. Suddenly, my heart aches knowing that I am alive while he is still lying in bed at the emergency ward. Tears started to stream down at the side of my cheeks. I clenched both my fist together. I shut my eyes and life images of the incident flashed before me. 
Everything is so clear, as though it is all happening again.

“Are you ready to leave, Laura?” he asked me, peeping into the room. I turned to face him and smiled widely. “How do I look?” I asked him. His sea green eyes were just staring at me. “Tom? Earth calling to Tom, are you here?” I waved my hands in front of him. He swallowed something, most probably his saliva and smiled sheepishly. “I am just speechless” he answered me. “Is that supposed to be good or bad?” I asked.  He laughed, “Well, does it matter anyway? Nobody is going to care how you look like, right?” he teased.

I played along with him and pretended to be cross. “Fine then let us see if a silent treatment will change your mind” I said out loud. “Come on, Laura. Be a sport” Tom said but I just walked out the door silently. Both of us walked silently down the street, well that is because I am giving him the silent treatment. Tom whistled while we stopped in front of the pedestrian walk. The road was clear but it was not our turn to cross the road 
so we waited patiently.

My lips were sealed and I remained silent. “So what time do you think the party will finish tonight, Laura?” Tom asked, trying to get me to talk to him again. I pretended not to hear him. “Come on, Laura. You have ignored me as far as two blocks down this road already. Fine, you look stunning alright” he finally could not stand the silent treatment I was giving him. I smiled, “We finish at ten o’ clock tonight. Well, at least that is what the rest of the drama club informed me”.

He looked at me in the eyes and pinched my cheeks, “So you finally want to talk to me”. “Hey, it hurts” I protested. Just then, the lights turned green. I was going to cross the road. Suddenly, “Laura watch out” Tom shouted and he quickly wrapped me around his body at the speed of light. Then both of us were hit by something because we were being thrown forward. Everything else is nothing but a pitch black picture.

My bed is wet from my tears. It was my fault. I know it is and because of me he is lying in critical condition right now. I need to see him. My knees were injured slightly and insufficient to disable my walking abilities. No other part of me was injured, not even a scratch and no it has nothing to do with luck. It was Tom. Without Tom my parents will most probably be mourning over their dead daughter at a Christian cemetery now.

I walked to the Intensive Care Unit ward. My heart is beating as fast as the time that is ticking every second of our lives. His lower body was covered in gauze and both his legs in a cast. My hands covered my mouth, preventing me from crying out loud. I was about to enter then I realized his parents are inside. Their eyes were very red, most probably due to excessive crying. I stood silently at the side of the door.

“Tom, my baby” weep Mrs. Anderson. I watched her from outside. She is crying while sitting by Tom’s side. 
Mr. Anderson placed his hands on her shoulder and comforted her. “He will be alright, Susan. Our Tom is a strong and brave young lad” he assured her but his voice was breaking and I can see the fear he has in his eyes.  “It is all her fault. If it was not for Laura” said Mrs. Anderson. My knees weakened as tough losing its energy. “There, there Susan let us not blame anyone for what has happened. Everything will be alright, Tom will be alright. We do not want him to hear this. You know Tom likes Laura a lot and he will not blame her for it” Mr. Anderson told her.

“Yes but I blame her and I will not allow my son to see her ever again” those words she said was like a dagger piercing through my heart. I walked away from the ward as fast as I could. She is right, absolutely right. It was my fault that all this has happened to him and even if he does recover nothing will be the same again. I will avoid him if it makes things better for the both of us. I promise not to see him again nor talk to him again. I am just a bad omen for Tom. I know I am.

It has been three years since that incident happened. Three years I have tried my best to avoid seeing Tom. I avoided studying the same subjects as he does. I gave up all my favourite subjects because they are the same as his. I stopped attending drama club activities so that Tom could continue after he came back to school. I tried my best to give back to him even though I know I will not be able to repay him the leg he lost. I will never be able to take his place and live my life with a piece metal as my left leg.

“Look at me Laura. Look at me and tell me you do not want to see me again” Tom said and I came back to reality. I stare at him in the eyes and tears were streaming down my face. “Why, Tom? Why are you here? Why must you enter History class? You know you hate History and why are you in here with me?” I asked him while both of us are sitting on the school’s sick bay, facing each other. “I am here because I want to know you hate me and that is the reason why you have been avoiding me for the past three years ever since that incident happened. Tell me the truth, Laura. Do you hate me? Is it because of my leg?” he asked me.

“No Tom, I do not hate you but it is best for us not to talk or see each other. I am the cause of what happened to you and I do not want anything else to happen again” I said, my voice shaking. Tom wiped the tears away from my eyes and whispered to me, “I want to be with you Laura. Please, stop avoiding me. It hurts my heart to see you suffer like this”. “I am not suffering. I am fine” I lied. “You are a bad liar, Laura. Do you think every time you were looking at me secretly at the hall way I was not aware of it? You think I do not know that you stop studying all your favourite subjects because of me? Not to mention the drama club activities that you are missing. You wanted to become the best theater arts performer did you not? You promised me that the both of us would be the best performers in history. What happened to that promise?” Tom said and his voice was shaking as well.

“I am sorry, Tom but……”Tom interrupted me before I finished my sentence. “No more excuses, Laura. Please, I will not let go off you again. That day I held on to you is because I do not want to lose you and I was not letting you go and neither would I now because I am lucky to be alive” he whispered into my ears. I hugged him tightly not letting go of him either. Those words he just said has filled the emptiness of my heart all this while. Tom is right we should appreciate the luck we have with each other.  We are both lucky. “Lucky to be alive”

1789 words
One hour
Section B: Continuous Writing
[50 marks]

Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics.

2. Write a story beginning with:
“My mind went blank. The only thing I could remember…….”

A sheet of paper
By, Amy Lim Su Yen

My mind went blank. The only thing I could remember is the rain that was falling that night. It was raining cats and dogs but that is the only thing I could remember. I can remember the wetness, dampness and darkness that night. I searched my mind for further details but it feels as though there is a huge wall blocking my way. My head is starting to hurt as I tried to find the answers to these missing fragments of my memory.

The doctor has his gaze on me, waiting for my answer. “Have you remembered what happened that night, Amanda?” he asked me again. I could not give him the answer. My mind is absolutely blank. There is no trace of what happened that night in the chamber of my memory. As a matter of fact, I do not know how I ended up lying on this hospital bed with one of my legs in a cast.

Doctor Benjamin waited patiently for me to speak again. “I cannot remember, doctor. I really cannot remember anything that happened that night. My head hurts trying to remember it” I told him slowly and softly. My energy is still at a minimum level ever since I woke up this morning. Mother told me I was a sleep for three days now while on a tube.

I clenched my fist together, squeezing the ironed white bed sheet. Now my head is spinning and I can feel my heart pulsating. My breathing is starting to become heavy and I found myself gasping for air. The doctor placed both his hands on my shoulder and said out loud to me, “It is alright, Amanda. Calm down, breath slowly. Listen to me, Amanda. Breathe in, breathe out”. I took a deep breath in and then let it out slowly.

I relaxed a little and so did Dr. Benjamin.  “Everything is going to be fine, Amanda. Just rest for now and things will get better. Your memory will come back to you. Even if it does not, some things are meant to be forgotten. Maybe it will be better if you do not remember what happened that night, dear. Just relax yourself and focus on recovering” he said to me in a tone that makes one relaxed. I nodded slightly but I still want to know what happened that night.

“Do you know what happened that night, doctor? Can you tell me?” I asked him directly. He kept quiet for a moment as though to battle on whether or not to tell me the truth. I can see it in his eyes that he is reluctant to tell me something that he knows that I do not know. I looked at him in the eyes. “Please tell me, doctor. I want to know. It will make me feel better to understand the truth” I begged him to tell me.He held up his clipboard and pretended to flip the papers attached. “Please Dr. Benjamin. Please tell me” I pleaded again. 

The clipboard was dropped to his side. He looked and me and let out a huge sigh. “Amanda….” He hesitated. I locked my gaze at his, waiting for his explanation. “Alright, I only know a bit of information and not exactly the whole details of the incident. Three nights ago, it was raining and you were brought into the emergency ward along with another young lad. He is in another ward, one floor above us. Your mother told me an accident happened that night and both of you were involved. That is all I know” he looked away after he finished his sentence.

I stared into space for a while. Another person was brought in with me that night? I began to search through my mind again. Nothing, I cannot remember anything. My mind is as blank as a sheet of white paper. I was going short on breath again. “Stop, Amanda. Stop forcing yourself. Amanda, do you hear me?” Dr. Benjamin held me in place again, trying to calm me down. I breathe in and out slowly. “I can hear you doctor” I assured him. He looks as pale as a ghost. I am in a better colour compared to him.

Dr. Benjamin shrugged, “Please stop forcing yourself Amanda. If I get a heart attack then who would be here to make sure you are well enough to leave this place in one whole piece?” I smiled, “Sorry, doctor. I will stop thinking of it. I promise you”. He nodded and got up, looking at his watch and then he called the nurse in charge of me. She appeared at the door in split seconds. “You need me?” the woman dressed in a nurse uniform with a nametag that says Emily pinned on her pocket answered.

“Yes, Emily. Please take care of Amanda for me until I return this evening to check on her progress. Make sure she does not think too much and get enough rest, alright?” the doctor instructed her but he said in such a manner that it did not seem like an instruction. He has his own way of making everyone feel at ease so that we would listen to him. As though he has some sort of magic power in him or something like that.

Emily nodded and Dr. Benjamin went off. He reminded me to not think of anything even before he left. The clock was ticking so slowly and I just stared at it until finally I could stand it no more. I shift my attention away from the bright yellow, flower wall clock to look at Emily who is now changing the water in the drinking jug on the table next to my bed. “Emily is it? Can I call you Emily?” I asked her politely. She stopped what she was doing and smiled at me.

“Yes dear, you can call me Emily” she replied. I returned her a smile. It is so boring in here if I do not do anything soon I think I will go berserk. I looked at Emily with a sparkle in my eye. “Emily, is it possible for me to go around the hospital just for a while? Maybe just a floor above us would do. Please” I asked her nicely. I can see the same expression of hesitation the doctor had from her. I continued to look at her with a pleading face. “You cannot walk my dear” she reminded me. I pointed to the wheel chair by the window. She gave in to me.

Every room we passed by looked about the same to me. They were some that has its curtains not drawn and I could see the other patients inside. Some of them were talking to their family members but most of them were fast asleep. Emily continued to push me across the ward and I did not forget my purpose of asking her to bring me to this floor. I need to answer the missing pieces to the puzzle in my head. Who is this guy Dr. Benjamin was referring to? I need to find out.

Each window we passed by was one step closer to answering my questions. We almost reach the end of the ward when suddenly I saw someone I know. “Stop” I said in an instant. Emily stopped immediately and I almost fell out of the wheel chair due to inertia. I leaned slightly forward to the window and looked carefully at the first patient in the room. My heart nearly stopped. Almost half of his lower body was wrapped up in gauze and instead of one cast he has two for both his legs. “Peter” I gasped.

It must be him. It is Peter. What happened to him? Was he the one with me? I want to see him. “Emily, can I go in?” I looked up at her. She nodded without thinking twice. My conscience tells me that she knows something that I do not know. We were about to enter the room but suddenly I heard someone screaming my name. Before I know it, that person was grabbing my shoulders tightly. “Amanda” that person screamed in front of me.

It took me a while to figure out that the person is Peter’s father. He was squeezing my shoulders so tightly it hurts. “Uncle Anderson, stop it. It hurts” I said out loud and tears were streaming out from the corner of my eyes. Emily was trying to calm him down and shoved him away from me as he continued to scream my name out loud. He also said something to me but I was in such confusion I could not put together what he was telling me.

My vision started to blur in this state of confusion. Slowly, I find myself losing focus of everything. “Amanda, hang on. Amanda stay with me” someone that sounds like Dr. Benjamin called out to me but I was so tired I fell asleep………………….

1, 537 words
One hour.

[Another cliff hanger. I need to practice my timing again before my exam on Tuesday. BM is even worse. I am having a writer's block for BM essay]
Section B: Continuous Writing
[50 marks]

Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics.

2. Write a story beginning with:
“I am so glad to see you”

I am so glad to see you 
by, Amy Lim Su Yen

“I am so glad to see you” whispered my heart as he walked past me in the hall. I took a glance at him once more before he disappeared from my sight. It has been the same every single day for the past 10 years. He has changed from a height of four feet tall to almost approximately six feet tall. His blonde hair has turned to a slight shade of honey gold colour. His voice has changed to an octave deeper. Most of all, those blue eyes of his, has never changed.

My heart hurts to know that our distance is so near yet so far apart. My heart yearns to undo what has happened between us but I can never bring myself to do it. If only it had not happened or if I had enough courage to forgive myself for what had happened. Sometimes I still shed a tear when I recall that incident that took place.

 It was that incident at this very same school hall, five years ago. The image flashed into my mind, I can never forget that day. I was at my locker when suddenly, “Hey, Amanda. Are you going to the celebration party later?” asked Peter as he closes his locker.

It did not ring any bell in my head. What celebration party is he talking about? I thought hard for a while. “You forgot did you?” he asked me catching sight of my long gaze into space. I nodded in embarrassment, it is very unlikely for me to forget anything especially if it is something to do with my friends. “I am so sorry but what celebration party?” I asked Peter. He looked at me in the eyes. My heart was beating as fast as the clock can tick. It is always very odd when this happens.

“Peter? Did you hear my question, Peter?” I shook him a bit. Peter jutted as though he was in a dream. “Yes, yes the party. We are celebrating our drama clubs first anniversary tonight remember? At the Pop Cafe three blocks down the road” he told me as a matter of fact. “Right, right, it slipped my mind. What time is it again?” not only did it slip my mind. In fact I do not have any details of it in my memory at all.

Peter held his watch up, “Well, now its four o’ clock and the party starts at around six o’ clock. Do you want to come over to my house instead of heading home? It is rather far from your house you know”. He is right. The Pop Café is only three blocks away from school but if I were to go home first and then go all the way back to the Pop Café it will take me a slightly longer time. “Alright then, if you do not mind bringing such a hassle home then thank you” I smiled.

“It is a whole lot of trouble to bring you home you know. So, perhaps a treat tomorrow morning would make up for it” he teased. “Come on, Peter. Let us get going before the janitor starts to chase us out from the school hall. You do know he has quite a temper” I urged as I can hear Mr. Potter approaching us. “We better hurry then” Peter walked off immediately and I trailed off behind him.

I winced at the bitter sweet memory. If only I did not agree to follow him home. It was a decision I regret making. Unfortunately, I cannot turn back the time passed and take back that decision of mine. If only I could. Just then, the bell rang. I grabbed my History text book and headed for class.

Everyone was talking to each other before Ms. Adeline comes to class. I sat alone, reading my History books and blocking the noise out from my ears. Suddenly, the whole class became dead silent as she entered and slammed her books down onto the table. “Good morning, class” her sharp voice greeted us. “I am glad you are all ready to start our class. Now before we start we have a new classmate joining us for a fun History lesson from today onwards” she announced to us while everyone had the ears opened and eyes glued to the front.

 I admire the confidence Ms. Adeline has and the courage embedded in her. When she first arrived in our school as a practical teacher everyone in class bullied her. There were countless times she found pins on her chair and rubber spiders under her desk. However, one day she stood up in front of the entire class and vowed to come back as a different teacher the day after and she did. She came back filed with confidence in herself and of course a whole lot scarier as well and it was enough to make the boys in class listen to her.
“Alright class, please welcome Mr. Peter Anderson for joining us” I was brought back to reality as soon as I heard those words. 
My ears must be failing me.  Did she just say Peter Anderson? Peter Anderson? I watched the boy entering the door and it was not mistake. It is Peter, the only Peter I ever knew. “Good morning Ms. Adeline” he greeted her with respect. She gave him a firm nod and signaled him to the sit behind me. “You can take your seat Mr. Peter and class should commence. Come on, hurry up. You can sit behind Ms. Amanda, the seat is empty” she made it loud and clear.

If there was a hole right now then you will find me in it. Of all seats the one right behind me has to be empty. He walked past me and sat down. Our eyes did not meet, I avoided him as usual. “You are a coward” I whispered to myself.  History lesson was long, it was very long and every second passed by slower than a snail could move. It was as though sitting in front of your parents and listening to them lecture about boys but then again, nothing can be longer than lying in the hospital bed and starring at the ceiling for four months.
I can feel my heart pulsating thinking of it and for the fact that he is sitting behind me did not make things very much easier for me. “Ms. Amanda. Ms. Amanda, can you hear me?” Ms. Adeline alerted me. “Can you please stand up and tell the class what you think of the statement made by Confucius” she asked. I nodded, I stood up and just before I could say anything everything was spinning around me and then everything was black.

Everything was pitched black. Where am I? Where is this place? I see someone in front of me, someone very familiar. “Peter? Peter is that you?” I called out. No answer. He is running away from me, leaving me alone. “Wait, Peter. Peter!” I screamed out to him. “Peter!” I flung myself forward and there was light. I scanned my surrounding. I am at the nursing room. “Yes, you called me?” a warm voice asked. Then I realized he is sitting right in front of me. Peter.

My heart is beating fast again. What is he doing here? My head was fixed down, avoiding his gaze. I can feel 
him coming closer to me. “Look at me Amanda” he is right in front of me, a small distance apart. “Why would you not look at me? Look at me Amanda” he asked again. Tears started to fall. “I do not want to” I said out loud. “You are a liar. You are a very bad liar” he said. I lift my head and look right into his eyes. His eyes were warm but filled with sadness. It was not the same eyes I remembered them to be.

“Your eyes, they are not the same. They are, sad” I said softly. He stared at me. “It became like that ever since that incident, Amanda” he said to me and both of us locked our gaze in place. It was that incident……

 1400 words.
One hour.

 [I did not have time to finish the story I had plotted out in my head so I ended it as a cliff hanger. An hour is not enough T_T]

Saturday, November 20, 2010

English 1119 Paper. Write a story with the ending, thank goodness I was alright. This is one of my most unsatisfying stories. I was sort of having a block when I was writing it. Hopefully, it does not happen on exam day.  I realized that there are a lot of mistakes after I wrote the essay finish but I don't feel like correcting them. :P

Just a little scratch,
by Amy Lim Su Yen
“Hurry up Emily or we will be late” my mother urged while my toast was only half way into my mouth.  “Hurry up Alice, hurry up. You are as slow as a snail” bickered my annoying brother who behaves younger than his age. He pretended to move as slow as snail. “You are so annoying, Tom” I said to him. He showed me his tongue. I was going to say something when mother finally lost her patience and pulled me away from the dining table.  “Wait mother. I have not finished my toast yet” I pleaded. “You can bring the toast along with you but we are going to be very late” she said still pulling me away. I quickly grabbed the whole loaf of bread and chucked it into my red sling bag.
Father just peeped in from the front door. “Are you all done? The sun is rising already” he asked. “Coming dear” mother answered politely, just like she always does. Tom sat on the left side again. He knew perfectly well I always have to sit on the left side of the car and he seems to enjoy annoying me all the time. “Father, Tom is being annoying again. He knows I have to sit on the left side of the car” I said to my father who just adjusted his rear mirror. “Tom, switch with your sister and hurry up we have to get going already” he said sternly and Tom moved immediately. 
I carefully lift my left leg to the other side while Tom climbed behind me to move to the right. Next time he sits on the left I will use my walking stick to hit him. Just to teach him a lesson. “You are so troublesome, sister” he said while I put on my seat belt. Is it me or he just wants to test my patience? Anyway, I ignored his comments and plugged my ear plugs on. It is going to be a long journey to the rural area. 
The kids are playing in the field again. “They missed” I whispered to myself as the ball missed by just a feet distance from the goal. I continue to watch them as they kicked the ball to one another. All of them laughing as they played. I watched in envy. They missed again. My eyes followed the ball and it was coming in my direction. I picked the spherical object up and they shouted across the field to me, “Hey, come on. Kick the ball back” I wanted to.
I wished I could but I could not. It is so unfair. The boy, I think he was the captain ran swiftly to me. “Hey, I think that is our ball” he said pointing to the ball in my hands. I handed him the ball straight away. He took it and looked at me for a while. “You want to join us?” he asked in a friendly manner. I shook my head. “Alright then, see you around” he ran off and joined the others.
I tried to move to follow him from behind but I cannot do it. I just cannot. “Wake up Emily. Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up” I jerked. It was just another childhood memory I always seem to dream of these days. “Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up” Tom continued to chant next to my ear. “I am awake Tom so quit repeating yourself” I shoved him away from me.
He came nearer, looking at my eyes. “Is that tears?” he asked looking hard at me.  I wiped my eyes with my fingers and they were wet. Nothing can be more embarrassing than this right now. I kept quiet, not answering him and just withdraw, leaving me alone. “A nightmare, dear?” mother asked, alerted by our conversation. “Not really, just another dream” I answered quickly followed by another question to avoid being asked details. “Are we there yet?” I asked father. “Not yet, Emily we should be there in another hour or so. Should I stop at a nearby rest station before we continue?” he asked all of us.  “No father, let us get there quickly” Tom begged.
He was so excited to meet the rural area people. He even did a thorough research on them before this trip. He made sure he was well prepared to visit them. “Yes father, I need to use the washroom” I said before we missed the turning to the rest station.  Tom sighed in frustration, “Troublesome” he whispered to himself, loud enough for me to hear. 
The rest station was packed with other people. They must be on their way to some holiday destination nearby. Only we would want to go elsewhere such as the rural area on a holiday. Father parked his car next to a lorry carrying timber. I was about to say out loud that some people just does not care about the environment but I figured not to if I want to keep Tom quiet. “Wait for me Emily. I will help you out the car” my mother said to me while she opens her car door. “It is alright mother. I can manage it” I slowly lift my left leg and place it out of the side of the car then only I stepped myself out.
It is a one step at a time thing which I have learned to accustom to. “Alright, everyone do what you need to do and be back at the car in 10 minutes time” father said. “Emily, your father and I will go and get some mineral water at the store. Meet us at the car alright dear? Be careful. Do you need your brother to follow you?” she asked. I looked at him and looked back at me. “No. I will be fine without him” I replied but mother stared at Tom as though to say it was not a question but rather command.
Tom surrendered and pulled my hand, “Come on, get moving or you will take forever to get to the washroom”. He was pulling me so fast it was hard to move my walking stick as the ground was uneven. “Slow down Tom I cannot move that fast” I screamed at him. His slowed down his pace. “Sorry” he said. I kept quiet. It was an awkward moment between us both. We rarely talk to each other in a proper manner which I have no clue why.
Just as we were reaching the rest room a loud screeching noise can be heard and it was so loud that my ears hurt. It all happened so fast because I had no time to think and the next thing I know is Tom and I were on the ground. My eyes blurred from the smoke around us. My vision cleared and in front of us is a motorist thrown not far from his motorbike. 
Tom got up on his feet and immediately held me in his arms. “Are you alright? Are you hurt? Can you hear me, Emily?” he is panicking. I looked at him then at myself and I think everything is fine as I am still in confusion. Tom calmed down a little and he slowly helped me up. I noticed the blood on Tom’s legs, “Tom, your legs. It is bleeding”. I started to cry.
He must have hurt himself while trying to avoid us away from the motorbike that was approaching just now.  “I am fine, Emily. Do not cry. It is alright. Just a little scratch” he assured me. We sat down for a while and an ambulance came soon enough.
Father and mother were exasperated at what happened. They were asking the first aiders to assist to us after they had brought the motorist into the ambulance. Tom was giving a statement to the police officers. I was just watching them quietly. I cannot shift my gaze away from the motorbike. I hope the motorist is fine.  
We did not reach our destination that day. Neither did the motorist but he survive the accident. Tom had bruises on his knees but it healed quickly. I still get nightmares. However, not of my childhood memories anymore but rather the incident that happened that day. It has left quite a big impact on me and I still break a cold sweat every now and then thinking of it but at least I can tell myself, “Thank goodness I was alright”.
 1600 words.
1 hour.

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