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YakTopics: Anorexia nervosa

Is this your definition of pretty?
How often have you criticize a slightly bigger than average individual that you so happen to come across? Have you ever wonder what it is like to be them? In today's society, anorexia is very common among females ACROSS THE GLOBE. Precisely, it is an international unhealthy disorder especially among FEMALES.

First of all, just an insight on anorexia. It is an eating disorder. An individual who is labeled as anorexic is someone who refuses to eat, exercise excessively and sees a hallucination of herself in the mirror. After a long period of time, they are nothing but skin and bones left. Do you think that is pretty?

However, it is not an anorexic's fault that they suffer from the disorder because it cannot be denied that the first impression anyone would have would be how you look. We always hear the phrase, "It is what's inside that matters". True enough but you will always see the outside first and cast judgement before you even try to understand what's inside.
What is your impression?

Very often, when a slightly bigger than average sized individual passes by, heads will turn and stare at their direction. Sometimes, they would even giggle at that person. These small actions that doesn't seem harmful to us might be hurting them inside. As a result, may of them become anorexic because they are dying to be thin. However, I would say that if one becomes an anorexic then it is not only dying to be thin but rather as TOO THIN CAN DIE. 

Society should learn not to judge a book by its cover and start seeing things in a different perspective. Have we realized that when someone is FAT we criticize and when someone is TOO THIN we also criticize? Are we the judge of them? So stop giggling, laughing, staring and casting nasty judgement on these individuals because they are who they are.

As for the anorexic and overweight individuals, don't blame yourselves or anyone else. Just start to make small changes, baby steps which will lead you to a healthier life and a happier self. Here's a few tips from me. Alright, just to reveal a little secret of mine. I was an overweight teenage girl but after two years of healthy eating and regular exercise (not excessive), I am proud to say that I am now normal size and healthy, not overweight nor am I underweight.

1) Eat three to five meals a day which consists of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits. However, in regular amounts,NOT TOO MUCH AND NOT TOO LITTLE .
You want to look healthy? Then eat healthy.

2) Drink a lot of water. Try not to consume carbonated drinks too often as there are filled with sugar. Craving for something sweet? Drink fresh juices, pack with vitamins and good for your body.

3)EXERCISE. Not excessive but on a regular basis. Recommended three to five times a week, duration at least half an hour to an hour.
Train for a marathon, you get to have fun, meet new people and get yourself moving.

4) LOVE YOURSELF. Think of the wonders your body is doing for you and start appreciating who you are.
Anorexia is dangerous
and this is what they eat.............
Healthy and happy. Isn't that better?

If you know of a friend who is aneroxic, help her because support is crucial.
PS// Check out my personal blog in the future as I reveal to you my journey on being a healthier person. From the  low self-esteemed, OBESE teenage girl to a now, HEALTHY, NORMAL weight me.


ken said...

i think i need to exercise more.. haha..
and thanks for the tips.. health is important =)

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

No probs :-)

Biopolymath said...

what's your take on ppl like me who can eat a lot but can't gain weight?

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

then that's good but must also eat a lot of the right food and not a lot of the wrong food..just enjoy life and stay healthy :-)

LeneLene said...

The first picture is freaking me out, it looks like a picture of a dead corpse =X

Justin Lim Yee Jin said...

Rocking post!
Girls should so forget the whole weight issue thing..gets really annoying when some girl who barely has any body fats would say that she herself is fat..wanna smack them..

Anonymous said...

@LeneLene :The first picture is indeed scary, not sure what is in their mind....

@Justin Lim :Thanks :-) Haha, if like that I have to smack a lot of my friends all the time already >.<

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

I eat a lot but hard to gain weight. I like to go for a jog and was an actress when back in school time. :) My family friend once asked me if I have anorexia, hurt my feeling. T.T I'm 45KG.

Anonymous said...

AMY! I like your blog! <3 and this post is so nice. You should so do one about you :D


Amy Lim Su Yen said...

Rolling Fumbling Thug, no worries, if you don't gain weight but live a healthy lifestyle then it's okay....don't have to feel bad! Cheer up :-)

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

Trisher! Haha, thank you :-) See first...maybe, haha :-P

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