Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hey everyone,

This is the blog post for the KL Towers concert that I never got myself to write until now because today I finally have the time to sit in front of my laptop patiently to write this post. Actually, it is more of revising for Moral Education final exam while writing my blog posts and spending time on

Last weekend, Saturday, on the 9 of April I went to the KL Towers concert under The Star BRATs to do a coverage. Went there with AIESECers but met up with my fellow BRATs as well. It was nice seeing them again after the last outing in December. Met Tristan for the first time and he is younger than me. I feel so old.

Alright, I found this picture while going through 3K of pictures that night. I have always played with the quick zoom twist effect but on random and never really thought of what kind of pictures I can produce with it. This shot gave me an idea on what kind of pictures I can take with this effect in the future.

So are you ready for the artist who gave a wonderful performance on that night? To be honest. Standing in front there taking pictures was nerve wrecking because I felt as though my heart was going to come out from my chest. I was standing directly next to the speakers and I could not hear my own heart beat. Anyway, I am liking night photography and concert event coverage. The colours to play with, the lighting to catch is exhilarating. It was an awesome shoot!

Like I said I have 3K worth of pictures from that night and I do not know what to do with them. It feels so wasted not to do anything with it. Anyway, that night was an awesome night. I love the concert lights and effects and what it does to my pictures.


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