Tuesday, July 27, 2010

YakTopics: Abandoned babies

On Monday, we were discussing about abandoned babies during English period. There is no doubt that there are many cases whereby babies were found abandoned at toilets, dumpsters or just about anywhere else.
At least this young one is still alive, many were not as lucky.

Why would anyone have the heart to do it? I remember watching this music video recorded especially to raise awareness on television one day and I cried a lot watching it. The song was recorded by Malaysian artist and they showed pictures of all the abandoned babies found in Malaysia.

I could not believe my eyes. There were pictures of rotten babies in plastic bags, babies without complete body parts, prematured babies and there was one particular picture of a baby that was eaten up by A LOT of ants and looked very deformed. My heart ached for them. These poor and innocent young ones who did not get to even see the world. They are God's children too and they deserved better. Here, watch this if you have a strong heart to withstand the pain.

 Harapan Tanpa Suara

Why is this happening? We accessed a few possibilities that might lead to these problem. Firstly, teenage pregnancy contributes the most in this case. The number of teenage girls ranging from as young as thirteen to nineteen is having unprotected sex which lead them to unwanted pregnancy. After ruining their own lifes they have no other choice but to abandoned their babies because many parents would not accept such tolerance. Most of the time parents would not even come to acknowledge that their daughters were pregnant which I find slightly ridiculous. Don't tell me you taught she was just growing fat? 

Sad to say, Selangor has the most recorded cases for abandoned babies and Malaysia has already 407 abandoned baby cases. Which is a very big amount! What is the world turning into? Who is to blame? I don't entirely agree that it is all the girl's fault because she might have her reasons that nobody but herself would know. However, those who are responsible for  a baby's death would be the mother and father to the baby. No matter what their age might be, they should be punished. If not punished by law, I am sure they will be punished in other ways because the moment they decided to take the first step, their lifes were already ruined, just like that.

My advice, don't let your curiosity kill you. Have you not heard that curiosity kills the cat? Even the animals love their young ones!
Is it not a shame that some of us are worse than animals?

As for the public, don't turn a blind eye on this matter. Try your best to help in spreading awareness about teenage pregnancy and its consequences. Have a heart, lend a hand.

and for those of you who are in desperate need of abandoning your babies, stop and reflect on what you are about to do. If your conscience does not kill you then at least leave them somewhere save,

Head Quarters: OrphanCARE Malaysia
Address: 6 Lorong SS 1 / 24A, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47300, Malaysia
E-mail: contact@orphancare.org.my
Telephone: +60378761900
Fax: +60378751900
Mobile Phone Number: +60123938337

*giving you, whoever is thinking about it the death stare*

We were given an oppurtunity to live the life we have by our parents. How would you feel if they did to you what you are about to do? Hold on, I forgot, you won't be feeling anything because you won't probably be around to know what happened. 

They too are God's children, they deserve to live, to see the world and to be loved.


ken said...

tsk tsk.. people these days.. =/

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

It's sad to acknowledge that this young innocent babies didn't even had a chance to live

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