Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello! Alright, this yakster here was just chilling out and suddenly an idea hit her. A new concept for the blog. I call it the Yak concept.

Every time I feel like yakking about something I will post a blog and the title will always have the word Yak in front of it. For example, if I feel like yakking about an event that is going to happen then the title would be YakEvent:__(the event's name)___ or if I want to start yakking about a book that I just read then it would be YakBook:___(title of book) review_____.

Yakking is what I do best and I will continue to yak, yak and yak some more. Here are some YakCategories that I would post up:
1)YakYak (random yakking)
2)YakEvent/Contest (about an event/contest)
3)YakMusic (music review)
4)YakBook (book review)
5)YakFood (food review/recipes/product)
6)YakPhotography (random photos/tips/event photos) by the Yakster ofcourse
7)YakShortStories (preview on short stories) by the Yakster or from other authors
8)YakMalaysia (Malaysia related)
9)YakEducation (subject tips/formula/etc)

New YakCategory will be added in the future if necessary!

For Your Information,
The Yak concept is strictly copyright for this blog and shall not be used without permission. Thank you!

PS: When you see the Yakster it is referring to me, the author of this blog.


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