Friday, July 23, 2010

Revealing the mini-magazine that caused our eye bags........

Our mini-magazine name is T.3.A.M or you can pronounce as TEAM.
Our tagline, "Delivering the uniqueness in print".
Theme: A better life (given by The Star)
Topic: Health
Focus: Cancer survivorship
Front cover


A simple front cover, we highlighted the candle which symbolizes hope.
"A new normal" is invented by the cancer survivors and is the title of our featured article.

and yes, we didn't have time to edit my face so it is very visible. Now everyone will see the yakster's face.......

Second page

Featured article which focuses on cancer survivorship based on Miss Adeline's own experience.
We didn't want to just come up with an article. We wanted something original so we interviewed Miss Adeline a breast cancer survivor. The article is 100% original and copyrighted.

Plus, I needed the inspiration because I was so stressed up I couldn't think straight and let alone write the article. And yes I did the design for the article as well since Mahirah was too busy designing the front cover so please excuse my not so good photoshop skills, still trying to improve on that. (I can yak and write but photoshop is OK only since I just started not long ago)

Third page

The concept: Diary of a cancer survivor
We put in....
1) A poem written by a cancer survivor which was given to us by Miss Adeline.
2) Quotes from famous celebrities
3) Save you lyrics
4) Cancer survivorship events around the world
5) Celebrity survivor
6) Real life interview of people who had cancer diagnosed relatives or friends

and.....we had to advertise ourselves so we inserted a small banner on T.3.A.M

Any comments? T.3.A.M's first project and I am so glad everything turned out well. Everyone played their part in producing this magazine as a TEAM and we had a lot of fun. So, if any of you out there is inspired to become a writer/journalist like this yakster here or a designer like Mahirah then do look out for Mag Inc 2011 by The Star Newspaper!

It will be worth your time, seriously. Plus, think of the grand prize.....RM 100,000 scholarship from Taylor's University College and a few day trip to somewhere awesome (this year's prize is to Siam Reap)

Mag Inc 2010 is not only a competition, it is a journey, an experience and something money can't buy you.

Inspired to inspire
Love, the yakster.


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