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Hey everyone,

This is the blog post for the KL Towers concert that I never got myself to write until now because today I finally have the time to sit in front of my laptop patiently to write this post. Actually, it is more of revising for Moral Education final exam while writing my blog posts and spending time on

Last weekend, Saturday, on the 9 of April I went to the KL Towers concert under The Star BRATs to do a coverage. Went there with AIESECers but met up with my fellow BRATs as well. It was nice seeing them again after the last outing in December. Met Tristan for the first time and he is younger than me. I feel so old.

Alright, I found this picture while going through 3K of pictures that night. I have always played with the quick zoom twist effect but on random and never really thought of what kind of pictures I can produce with it. This shot gave me an idea on what kind of pictures I can take with this effect in the future.

So are you ready for the artist who gave a wonderful performance on that night? To be honest. Standing in front there taking pictures was nerve wrecking because I felt as though my heart was going to come out from my chest. I was standing directly next to the speakers and I could not hear my own heart beat. Anyway, I am liking night photography and concert event coverage. The colours to play with, the lighting to catch is exhilarating. It was an awesome shoot!

Like I said I have 3K worth of pictures from that night and I do not know what to do with them. It feels so wasted not to do anything with it. Anyway, that night was an awesome night. I love the concert lights and effects and what it does to my pictures.

Hey everyone,

On Saturday, which was just yesterday I went for a photo walk organized by The Star R.A.G.E. I was not suppose to go actually because I felt awfully unwell but it was something I looked forward to the whole week. Not to mention my dad was so angry about my sense of direction the night before because I got lost on the way home and he lectured about me not going to be driving for a long time to come. So I will not be driving anytime soon, good for me, nobody ask me to be so blur that night.

Anyway this topic about me and my sense of direction shall be on my personal blog. Let me tell you about the photo walk. One word, it was; awesome! This photo walk was organized by The Star R.A.G.E which can be found in The Star newspaper every Wednesday. Our mentors on that day was Jason Lioh;, Jason Goh;, Huey Yoong; and Robin Wong; Ivy Soon and Sharmila Nair from R.A.G.E was there as well.

Everyone gathered at the Pudu LRT station at 9a.m. I was surprised to meet an AIESECer there! Well to be honest, I did not recognize her, she recognized me. It was Jamin and I am really embarrassed because only that night I was sitting in Old Town with her and yesterday morning I could not even recognize her. Maybe my head was really not functioning properly. Jamin was there and I also met Phyllis, my BRATs junior from Charlie's batch. She is a very nice person!

We were separated into three groups, my mentor was Jason Goh, the founder of He has an amazing personality and super friendly. The weather was really generous to us that morning, it started to drizzle right when we were heading to the Pudu market. We started to fire our shutters away even before we reach the market.

However, do not take the road sign from such a distance that nobody is able to see what that road sign is about. Make it a macro shot and allow something to be read from the road sign.

Here is a funny thing about street photography, it is like a risk game you have to play along with. If you find someone sitting down at the road side just take a picture. If that person look harmless, take the picture and pretend nothing happened. If that person look like you are going to be beaten up by, take a picture and run. No wonder they asked us to wear comfortable shoes and all of use came in sport shoes. Now I understand. Anyway, this uncle was sitting at the road pavement.

We sat down one by one next to him pretending we were just sitting down next to him but we were taking pictures. We were laughing among ourselves and he was giving us the stare occasionally. He left, we left, no one ran. So we finally made our way to the Pudu market and the weather was being extra nice to us so it started to rain. Rain or sunshine, the photo walk is on so off we went to take more pictures. Rule number one, if you want to take picture at Pudu market, be careful because you will certainly have to run if you take pictures of the wrong people.

In my opinion, compact cameras also known as digital cameras are equipped with wonderful functions now a days. It can take pictures as good as any DSLR cameras. Trust me, I am not kidding. For example, a DSLR camera like my Nikon with basic lens kit cannot zoom as far as a compact camera unless I switch to a lens that can go up to 300mm. Point proven, do not argue. It is the skill that matter most. Believe in your own skills.

Alright this post is getting a bit too long. If you want to hear more about our photo walk with The Star R.A.G.E do look out for it in the newspaper on Wednesday. Pictures will be published. I am not sure if any of mine would be published though. First of all, I did not do really well that day. I was really disappointed with my performance. My shutter speed, aperture, focus point and ISO speed was all messed up.

Going through my pictures was painful this time compared to the KL Tower concert night which I have not blogged about yet. I will do that soon after this post. Anyway, I have a few pictures I will send in which I have not uploaded it here yet which I might if it does not appear on Wednesday. So for now, just a few more random pictures I took that day.

Okay, last picture.

So this the amazing photo walk I was looking forward to. It was awesome but could have been better if I could have just got myself together and take better pictures. Next photo walk anyone? I am planning to go to the Bird Park in Putrajaya one weekend. Who is up for that?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Three months has just passed by in a blink of an eye. This is no joke, it does feel like it passed by in a blink of an eye. I mean, you wake up every morning. Go for lectures. Have extra curricular at night or if not study in the library until the jam reside and the cycle continues again and again. So how have I been coping with it?

First of all, I present to you the most important thing you need in college; FRIENDS. That is absolutely right, you will need supportive friends to motivate you everyday. With your friends around, you will always move on about your hectic schedule because they will be there for you and cheer you on. I feel so blessed to have great friends who care so much about me.

The next thing you need to survive in college is (my own opinion) an after class activity to look forward to so you will always feel pumped up and motivated. Did no one tell you your mind will think of funny things when you are most likely not doing anything and have so much time to think about all sorts of nonsensical things? Yes it does work that way.

Anyway, if you so happen to not know what to join in college let me recommend to you an organization that will appeal to you. Ever heard of AIESEC?

AIESEC is an international youth organization; a platform for youth like me and you to bring out the most potential in ourselves to be excellent leaders in the future. AIESEC International has more than 50 000 members worldwide with more than 100 local committees around the globe. In AIESEC, we focus on the three core subjects;
1) Leadership
2) International exchange
3) Global conferences

For more information do visit;

Last but not least, to survive in college you need to remind yourselves how much your parents have to sacrifice to send you there. Your main reason in entering college is to get that certified piece of paper; your education recognition so just keep that in mind. Good luck and hope you enjoy college life as much as I do.

Taylors University, three months passed and still hanging in there. :)

Foundation in Communication; January intake; 2011

AIESEC in Taylors University

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.  ~Mark Twain

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