Saturday, July 24, 2010

YakMovies: Nuffnang Premiere Screening Tekken

Anyone excited for Tekken the movie? Yes, it is THE movie. The most popular game of all times brought to life in big screen. I'm very sure A LOT of people is waiting anxiously for 5 August to arrive. Do you believe Tekken as in the video game is almost as old as me? Takken was first introduced in 1994. Imagine if someone had been playing it since then.

I have to say, the movie's poster is very attractive.

I read up on Tekken since I've never played the video game although I would really want to. (you didn't know I'm a PSP addict?) So, after much reading. I found ONE particular character that I like. My favourite character is Anna Williams! (don't see wrongly, Anna not Nina)

Why Anna not Nina or the other more powerful and popular characters? First of, I like to support female fighters. Not because I'm a female I want to support my own gender. It's because I think for a female to portray strength as great as a male is something very admirable. Come on, Anna can kick a lot of guys ass!

Besides that, Anna is actually a very sweet person. She voluntered to be put to sleep along with Nina just so that she won't be lonely when she awakens. I don't think I would do that for my sister. Plus, Anna is pretty! She has the same initial as me too. A for Anna and A for Amy. Cool right? I can picture myself in a cool costume and fighting some big bad bully just like Anna.

Come to think of it, maybe not. Anyway, I bet there will be a VERY long line at the cinemas on 5 August.

Everyone would want to watch Tekken. I predict an hour of queue! However, thanks to NuffNang which I just recently join and I have no idea why I didn't join earlier. There is a contest especially for NuffNang bloggers to watch Tekken on the 4 August. Yeah! You saw it, 4 AUGUST! The top 5o bloggers don't even have to queue and watch a day earlier. How much better can that get? (well, except for me getting an invite, now that would be better)

Good luck to all Nuffnang bloggers joining this contest and Thank you Nuffnang for the
wonderful oppurtunity!


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