Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The KL Standard Chartered KL Marathon took place on the 27 June 2010. You are absolutely right, I am indeed very late on this post. Two years ago, I was an extremely overweight teenage girl, weighing in at about 93 kilogramme. Do not be stunned, I was that heavy. So, who would have tought, two years later, that same girl will join in a marathon and successfully complete it, right? That girl is me.

I trained during the June holiday, trying to finish 10km in an hour and a half's time. Hardwork always pays off. On the 27 June 2010, I eagerly got up at around 3 a.m. to prepare myself for the run. That's right, 3 in the morning. I ate a small muffin and did my warm up session while watching the morning news. Although, I have no idea what was in the news at that time because I was so nervous for the run later!

I really have to thank my dad, he too woke up an hour later to accompany me to Dataran Merdeka for the run. My dad drove us to One Utama to catch the bus that will bring the runners to a pick up point near Dataran Merdeka. A few runners were already there, awaiting to hop onto the bus too. Most of them came with their partners, most probably their running buddy and some were alone. I was the youngest in that bus because only I had a parent with me which I am so grateful for because it will be so frightening to be alone.
I always enjoy time spent with my dad, we chat and laughed in the bus while everyone around us looked half awake. The bus did not actually stop us at the pick up point because the police said the road was too busy at that time. We got down a bit further than allocated and it started to rain. Next year, I will bring a hat with me. Lucky enough, my dad has his hat and I brought an extra shirt to cover myself, it was freezing cold at that hour of the day with the rain pouring down at us.
We talked non-stop as we walked to Dataran Merdeka. Now you know where I got my talking skills from, yeah? Inherited it from my dad. I am not the most talkative person in the family you know? Hard to believe that there is someone more talkative than me but you have not met my dad yet. So, we arrived at the venue at it was filled with people. The full marathon runners were already flagged off at that time and the half marathon runners were gathered at the starting point waiting to be flagged off.

I think I laughed too much that morning. My dad was joking about the different runners that were there and he kept on making funny comments and gestures. I had to pee a few times before warming up again. There is no doubt that this is the largest marathon held in Kuala Lumpur not to mention an international one. There was extremely a huge amount of people that came that day.

On hour later, the half marathon runners were flagged off and the next will be the 10km marathon runners. Yes, I was only eligible to run the 1okm category, still a year to early. Next year, I will enter the half marathon category, by then I will be 18 already. I was so nervous before the race, my dad just told me to be careful and not to over exert myself during the run. Most importantly, make it back safely.

The race started before 7 a.m. I ran along side all kind of race and nationality. However, I could tell I was one of the youngest there. Half an hour into the race, I was taken away by the beauty that surrounded me. I never knew our city had so much variety in it and its beautiful structures. However, my legs just kept telling me to concentrate on my pace and speed if I want to get back on time and safely. An hour later, I pushed myself to speed up because I was a bit off track.

I told myself to keep going and reach the finish line. Without fail, I reach at about one hour and twenty-four minutes, my personal record. My dad was so proud and my legs were worked out although I did not feel tired at all, no idea why actually. I got my finisher's medal and I was a saitisfied soul.
We stayed on for a while and watched the prize giving ceremony for the full marathon winners. They inspired me to run a full marathon in the future. The men category was dominated by the Kenyans and women by the Ethiopians. The grand prize was 17, 500 USD. You got it, not Ringgit but in USD. A lot of people were speechless and amazed at the prize money, it was definately a huge sum.
We did not stay until the end because i had to rush back and meet up with T.3.A.M to discuss for Mag Inc. So, my dad and I walked to the nearest LRT station and took the LRT back to Kelana Jaya. From there, we took the bus to One Utama and then home. I got home and bath. In less than an hour I was off to my next activity, to meet up with my team to discuss for Mag Inc. They could tell I was definately, half dead.
Overall, I had a lot of fun that day and I will definately be back for next year's run. Hopefully, for the half marathon instead. I would also be eligible to run for the SHAPE night run next year, that will be even more exciting, a night run! I am proud of myself that day most of all I could tell my dad was the proudest person that day. I am grateful to have him supporting me in everything that I do, he is my hero, the one and only.
Amy Lim Su Yen


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