Thursday, July 29, 2010

YakMusic: Korean boyband, 20Star Debut

Super Junior

Super Junior is one of Korean Entertainment largest idol group BUT guess who is out to challenge their title? First of all, many people were already surprised that there is a band consisting of 13 members, namely Super Junior. SM Entertainment did a good job at promoting the band and Super Junior's career has defintely taken a giant leap in the industry. However, is it neccessary to have another group similar to Super Junior? In addition, a band that has 17 members? Are you kidding me?!?!?!? *faints*

So heres the BIG news, TGN Entertainment is going to debut a new idol boy band consisting of 17 members. 20star will mark history's largest idol group stripping Super Junior off their title. Although there are only 15 members to date but their leader has already been chosen, namely, A-Run. Members of 20stars range from age 16 to 21. The youngest member being 16 would be Xeno.

20star banner

Not many information has been released but it is almost certain that the group will debut in August. What to expect from such a HUGE group? Well, I guess we expect BIG vocal capabilities, WIDE variety of songs and obviously A LOT of girl fans, no? I bet the company is also expecting one thing from 20star, A LOT of money. Let us just wait and see what 20stars has prepared to show the world.

Meanwhile, take a look at this video.

The yakster thinks they need more practice if they want to gain the hearts of many fans. Needless to say, they have big shoes to fill in after Super Junior. Overall, I think their dance moves were pretty good and it seems like almost all Korean idol band knows how to dance impressively. However, MBLAQ definitely set high standards to that song and 20star must definitely do more than that of the two members.

Has my yakking left you pondering about 20star? Well, here's a link to 20star site if you want to have further details. Unfortunately, it is in Korean so I suggest an online translator. (I used Google chrome) So, we just have to wait until they debut. I wonder why it just gets bigger and bigger?

What happened to groups like
Five and suffiient except for the fact that it is more separated into two and three now.

Go on, yak about 20star to your friends who adores K-Pop! (I can hear my sister yakking already)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
31@7 Ken Wooi Birthday Celebration Party Plan.

Birthday's are special because each birthday comes only once in our life and that is it. Therefore, why not do something superb for our birthdays? Have you heard that Ken Wooi's 22nd Birthday is on the 31 July? Here is my birthday plan for Ken Wooi. I call it the 31@7 Ken Wooi Birthday Celebration Party Plan. 

What is so special about this celebration party? It is not just any other birthday party because it is organized specially for Ken Wooi. Here's the details. Since, Ken Wooi's birthday is on the 31 July so on that day seven things would be done and each lasting for 31 minutes. Seven because July is the seventh month and 31 minutes because its on the 31 day. 

Who is attending? 22 of Ken Wooi's friends, family members or even bloggers as long as there are 22 of them. Why 22? Because its Ken Wooi's 22nd birthday! First of all, everyone is suppose to meet Ken Wooi at 7.31 a.m to start the 31@7 birthday celebration. (7.31 a.m, get it?)

First stop,
Check in at one of the nicest hotels around and just hang out for 31 minutes.
Second stop,
31 minutes horse riding
Third stop,
Enjoy breath taking scenery, 31 minutes cable car ride
Fourth stop,
Relax at Garden restaurant 

Delicious durian cream puffs served to Ken Wooi 

While someone play Ken Wooi a Happy Birthday song
Fifth thing to do,
Relax at another splendid resort and get sun tanned
Followed by a dinner before continuing on to the sixth stop. Ken Wooi's 22nd birthday dinner will be the most memorable dinner to all who attend because it will be the first 22 course dinner anyone has ever eaten. Take a look at an example of all the food that will be prepared,

I wonder if 31 minutes is sufficient to finish this dinner?

Not forgetting the birthday cake,

Just an example of a cake my mother baked but Ken Wooi's cake should be made by someone special to him.

After the very satisfying 22 course dinner the celebration continue with the sixth destination, a stroll at the beach since everyone would be to full to move about too much.

Last but not least, the seventh surprise for Ken Wooi's 22nd Birthday Celebration party. 

31 minutes fireworks dedicated to ken Wooi on his special day
31@7 will be Ken Wooi's most memorable birthday to date because it is not just a splendid birthday plan but it will be attended by his most cherished friends and family members. I believe birthdays should be spent with the people we love. So I wish Ken Wooi a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may you have a wonderful time with your friends and family!

Here is a little something from me, 
*All pictures are taken by the yakster (me), Amy Lim Su Yen.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

YakMusic: Game by BoA

BoA is one of the most known artist in her industry. She is signed under the same record label as SHINee, Super Junior and Girls Generation. S.M Entertainment proudly presents to us Game by BoA.

My opinion is that the song itself is not as nice as I thought it would be. It is neither fantastic or amazing and did not really impressed me. However, different people has different opinion, you might find it interesting. Compared to Lucifer by SHINee which was released not long ago, BoA failed to capture the spotlight from us. Her music video somehow reminded me of Lady Gaga.

Would have prefer to see more dancing in her music videos. Overall, I think the only thing worth praising is the costumes and set design. Her outfits are definitely stunning and the set with the big alphabet B is simple yet attractive. My conclusion, if you want to watch an awesome music video I suggest watching Lucifer by SHINee instead but if you just want to kill time then there is no harm watching Game by BoA.

YakRating: 6/10
YakTopics: Abandoned babies

On Monday, we were discussing about abandoned babies during English period. There is no doubt that there are many cases whereby babies were found abandoned at toilets, dumpsters or just about anywhere else.
At least this young one is still alive, many were not as lucky.

Why would anyone have the heart to do it? I remember watching this music video recorded especially to raise awareness on television one day and I cried a lot watching it. The song was recorded by Malaysian artist and they showed pictures of all the abandoned babies found in Malaysia.

I could not believe my eyes. There were pictures of rotten babies in plastic bags, babies without complete body parts, prematured babies and there was one particular picture of a baby that was eaten up by A LOT of ants and looked very deformed. My heart ached for them. These poor and innocent young ones who did not get to even see the world. They are God's children too and they deserved better. Here, watch this if you have a strong heart to withstand the pain.

 Harapan Tanpa Suara

Why is this happening? We accessed a few possibilities that might lead to these problem. Firstly, teenage pregnancy contributes the most in this case. The number of teenage girls ranging from as young as thirteen to nineteen is having unprotected sex which lead them to unwanted pregnancy. After ruining their own lifes they have no other choice but to abandoned their babies because many parents would not accept such tolerance. Most of the time parents would not even come to acknowledge that their daughters were pregnant which I find slightly ridiculous. Don't tell me you taught she was just growing fat? 

Sad to say, Selangor has the most recorded cases for abandoned babies and Malaysia has already 407 abandoned baby cases. Which is a very big amount! What is the world turning into? Who is to blame? I don't entirely agree that it is all the girl's fault because she might have her reasons that nobody but herself would know. However, those who are responsible for  a baby's death would be the mother and father to the baby. No matter what their age might be, they should be punished. If not punished by law, I am sure they will be punished in other ways because the moment they decided to take the first step, their lifes were already ruined, just like that.

My advice, don't let your curiosity kill you. Have you not heard that curiosity kills the cat? Even the animals love their young ones!
Is it not a shame that some of us are worse than animals?

As for the public, don't turn a blind eye on this matter. Try your best to help in spreading awareness about teenage pregnancy and its consequences. Have a heart, lend a hand.

and for those of you who are in desperate need of abandoning your babies, stop and reflect on what you are about to do. If your conscience does not kill you then at least leave them somewhere save,

Head Quarters: OrphanCARE Malaysia
Address: 6 Lorong SS 1 / 24A, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47300, Malaysia
Telephone: +60378761900
Fax: +60378751900
Mobile Phone Number: +60123938337

*giving you, whoever is thinking about it the death stare*

We were given an oppurtunity to live the life we have by our parents. How would you feel if they did to you what you are about to do? Hold on, I forgot, you won't be feeling anything because you won't probably be around to know what happened. 

They too are God's children, they deserve to live, to see the world and to be loved.

Monday, July 26, 2010

YakMovies: The Sorcerer's Apprentice review
I went to watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice on Sunday with my team of yaksters and I didn't regret it. Actually, the plan was suppose to go and watch Inception but it was fully booked for all shows. Guess I just have to wait for the DVD to be released either that I will resort to cetak rompak.

Let me tell you one thing, I didn't know Nicolas Cage is in The Sorcerer's Apprentice if not I would have not choose to watch the movie because I never really liked any of the movie he starred in. However, he has proven me otherwise in this show. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people in the theather for The Sorcerer's Apprentice even with Inception and Eclipse around.

I was a bit dissapointed  in the beginning because I saw Nicolas Cage but as the show progressed I was more immersed into the show. The Sorcerer's Apprentice is another of Disney's fantasy movie with a lot of graphics. The story line is original but with just one similar scene from one of Disney's Classic, Cinderella.

The movie is mainly about Balthazar Blake turning Dave Stutler into the prime millenium to fight the evil Mogana which wants to destroy the world. Alright, I have to admit that it is somehow always someone saving the world by destroying the person who wants to eliminate mankind. I wonder when would someone come up with a movie that the world was destroyed? However, the movie is still fun to watch. I have to admit that I was amazed by Nicolas Cage's performance and he looks really good in the movie eventhough it is obvious that he is no longer in his National Treasure days.

Besides that, have I mentioned that Kristen Stewart has an opponent? The lead actress, Teresa Palmer acting as Becky Barnes has slight similar face features as Kristen Stewart but with more emotions and 'life' in her. I actually prefer Teresa Palmer's acting compared to Kristen Stewart. However, some people would defend that Kristen Stewart is just too absorbed into her character, Bella Swan and that is the reason for her emotionless and lifeless portrayal. I guess that topic can be debated in different point of views.

Back to the movie, I strongly recommend you to watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice if you have not watch Inception. Do keep in mind that if you have already watched Inception you might find The Sorceror's Apprentice very boring and not up to standard. Which I don't really agree with since I have not watch Inception just yet so for the time being I think The Sorcerer's Apprentice is another good movie from Disney.

A few reasons why you should watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice:
1) You love fantasy movies
2) You want to witness cool graphics
3) You like humour with a tinge of romance
4) You couldn't get tickets for Inception or Despicable me (just like me)
5) You just LOVE Nicolas Cage

YakRating: 8/10
(deducted points for the scene that reminded me of Cinderella)

The Sorcerer's Apprentice trailer

Although Nicolas Cage is not as young as he was in National Treasure. I prefer him now compared to last time. Just something to share. I was telling my friends how I couldn't believe Nicolas Cage has aged and all of them gave me a lifted eyebrow expression.

Our conversation,
Amy: "Nice movie, right? I don't believe Nicolas Cage is so old already!"
Mahirah and Anarrin: "Nicolas Cage?????" *confused*
Amy: "Yeah, Nicolas Cage....he is so old now compared to last time!"
Mahirah and Anarrin: "You mean the one that acted in National Treasure?"
Amy: *huh?* "Yeah! Nicolas Cage!!!"
Mahirah and Anarrin: "Was he in the movie????"
Amy: *what??!?!?!?!?* "Yeah, Balthazar is Nicolas Cage"
Mahirah and Anarrin: *shock* "What!!!! You mean he is Nicolas Cage"
Amy: *checking if they know who is even Nicolas Cage* "You guys know Nicolas Cage, right? The one that acted in Ghost Rider"
Mahirah and Anarrin: "You mean Ghost rider is Nicolas Cage????"
Amy: *speechless already* "Yes, he is Nicolas Cage......"
Mahirah and Anarrin: "Oh my goodness, he is so old!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I have entertaining yakster(s) that I simply adore. They are so cute. While we were talking about Nicolas Cage, Aishah was enjoying her chocolate smoothie and Tracy was twitting. I wonder what Tracy was twitting about? I wonder if it was something like this: A bunch of 'kiasu' teenagers talking about Nicolas Cage =.='

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Calling all Malaysian STUDENTS! The United Kingdom and Eire Council for Malaysian Student is back with The 4th Annual Malaysian Student Leaders Summit. It seems like with the *what is that* expression on your face, this yakster here shall do what she does best, yakking.

First of all, MSLS is a two day event whereby influential speakers are invited to give a talk. When I say influential speakers I do mean influential. Just to name a few we have our deputy prime minister, YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Hj. Mohd Yassin (no kidding!), YBhg Datuk Nicol Ann David, Mr. Timothy Tiah, Mr. Jason Lo and a lot more!

Datuk Nicol Ann David
The best squash player, ever!
Why should you join? Come on, how many times an oppurtunity of getting to meet these people come knocking at your door? Certainly not all the time at the best thing of this event, it is Free Of Charge. Besides, this event has a very clear objective to it which is to unite all Malaysian youth together and have a better understanding at what our nation is facing.

Never underestimate the capability of Malaysian youth! It is just two days of your time and nothing will be at loss. You get to hear INFLUENTIAL people speak to you in person and meet new friends from across the nation. How cool is that? Just kindly register yourselves here. However, you must be a student to join this event. Yes, that's right, only for Malaysian students. (didn't you see the title?????)
Proud to be a Malaysian?

Well, you don't have to be a Malaysian student studying in Malaysia. What they meant is a Malaysian who is a student. Get it? (I'm sure you do cause even this yakster here does) So, make your 31 July & 1 August free and head over to Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Spread the word about MSLS to your friends, children, grandchildren or whoever is a student and you know them well enough for you to start yakking to.

This yakster here is so excited! Yes, I'm a Malaysian student and have already registered. Just 5 minutes to register and then wait for a confirmation e-mail! So easy, hassle free! Unless you have very bad internet connection but other than that everything is as easy as ABC. Go on, REGISTER and maybe we will meet each other there! (that is if you even want to meet the yakster)
Go register for your seat!
PS: I have to thank nuffnang because I came to know about this event from them. *grateful*

Saturday, July 24, 2010

YakMovies: Nuffnang Premiere Screening Tekken

Anyone excited for Tekken the movie? Yes, it is THE movie. The most popular game of all times brought to life in big screen. I'm very sure A LOT of people is waiting anxiously for 5 August to arrive. Do you believe Tekken as in the video game is almost as old as me? Takken was first introduced in 1994. Imagine if someone had been playing it since then.

I have to say, the movie's poster is very attractive.

I read up on Tekken since I've never played the video game although I would really want to. (you didn't know I'm a PSP addict?) So, after much reading. I found ONE particular character that I like. My favourite character is Anna Williams! (don't see wrongly, Anna not Nina)

Why Anna not Nina or the other more powerful and popular characters? First of, I like to support female fighters. Not because I'm a female I want to support my own gender. It's because I think for a female to portray strength as great as a male is something very admirable. Come on, Anna can kick a lot of guys ass!

Besides that, Anna is actually a very sweet person. She voluntered to be put to sleep along with Nina just so that she won't be lonely when she awakens. I don't think I would do that for my sister. Plus, Anna is pretty! She has the same initial as me too. A for Anna and A for Amy. Cool right? I can picture myself in a cool costume and fighting some big bad bully just like Anna.

Come to think of it, maybe not. Anyway, I bet there will be a VERY long line at the cinemas on 5 August.

Everyone would want to watch Tekken. I predict an hour of queue! However, thanks to NuffNang which I just recently join and I have no idea why I didn't join earlier. There is a contest especially for NuffNang bloggers to watch Tekken on the 4 August. Yeah! You saw it, 4 AUGUST! The top 5o bloggers don't even have to queue and watch a day earlier. How much better can that get? (well, except for me getting an invite, now that would be better)

Good luck to all Nuffnang bloggers joining this contest and Thank you Nuffnang for the
wonderful oppurtunity!

Have you seen or heard SHINee's new song Lucifer from their latest studio album Lucifer? Wait a minute! You have not heard of SHINee before? What! Alright, looks like I can start yakking about SHINee.

First of all, SHINee is a boyband from Korea. The band consists of FIVE members namely Lee Jinki, Kim Jonghyun, Choi Minho, Kim Kibum and Lee Taemin. If you have heard of Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior or even Girl's Generation then you should have heard of SHINee since they are all formed under the same record label namely SM Entertainment. Come on! Did you not read about DBSK's lawsuit with SM Entertainment?

Actually, I didn't read either but I have a sister which is not bad of a yakster and she yaks about her Korean boy bands ALL THE TIME. Since, this is just a review on Lucifer I shall yak about SHINee's profile in another YakPost. Moving on, Lucifer is SHINee's second full length album released on the 19 July 2010 in South Korea. The album genre is dance and if you love to sway to the music then you can give Lucifer a try. (although I think you need to be faster in swaying if you want to sway to Lucifer)

Track listing can be found here.

The music video promoting their album Lucifer was released on 20 July 2010.

So, what do you think? I personally find the intro very catchy and addictive. It is as though your head will record it down and it will be on auto replay even after you stopped watching. They are a few styles of singing incorporated in the song as well. There are the techno parts and pure vocals as well.

However, my favourite part of the song would be Choi Minho's rapping. It gives the song a little more variety. Besides that, the song has not many repeated lines. Even though I have no idea what they are singing about but it is a nice song to just nod your head to. The music video is attractive as well and their dance moves are definitely worth praising. Love their pose at the end.

YakRating: 9/10

Friday, July 23, 2010

FYI: This is not an advertisement and I don't get paid for sharing this event's information. It is just a yakster yakking about an event she finds interesting and would want to yak about it to you.

Hello! Salutations everyone! Guess what event is awaiting you to participate if you love speed racing. The Honda Racing Ultimate Challenge Contest! You must be thinking why would a female yakster like me be interested in a contest like that? Well, first of all the prizes are attractive.

Participants stand a chance to win Apple products worth up to RM40,000!
Grand prize: 2X Apple MacBook per team
Second prize: 2X Apple iPhone 3GS per team
Third prize: 2X Apple iPod Touch per team
Consolation prizes: 28X Alpinestars auto racing merchandise

Well, tempted to join? I don't know about you but the yakster here really likes the grand prize. Actually the second prize is something I have been longing to own. Who doesn't want an iPhone?
In addition, the contest is very easy to join!

There are altogether three phase in the contest. The first phase requires us to answer five, yes ONLY FIVE questions and complete a slogan (which is the harder part) to qualify for the second phase. Each qualifier is allowed to bring a friend to compete among 3o teams in a Go Kart challenge held on the 7 August 2010. Finally, the last phase requires us to compete among 20 teams in a surprise finale during the Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race!

Well, is your urge to join eating you up from the inside? Mine is! The first phase sounds easy and there is no harm in giving it a try. Unless you don't know how to read and write but if you do then, let's do it! Go Kart is fun anyway. I love the sensation of speed running through my hair when we race in a Go Kart track even if our hair would end up looking like an alien blow dried it.

This is a link to Honda's website if you would want confirmation on the contest Honda Malaysia

Enjoy and good luck!
Hello! Alright, this yakster here was just chilling out and suddenly an idea hit her. A new concept for the blog. I call it the Yak concept.

Every time I feel like yakking about something I will post a blog and the title will always have the word Yak in front of it. For example, if I feel like yakking about an event that is going to happen then the title would be YakEvent:__(the event's name)___ or if I want to start yakking about a book that I just read then it would be YakBook:___(title of book) review_____.

Yakking is what I do best and I will continue to yak, yak and yak some more. Here are some YakCategories that I would post up:
1)YakYak (random yakking)
2)YakEvent/Contest (about an event/contest)
3)YakMusic (music review)
4)YakBook (book review)
5)YakFood (food review/recipes/product)
6)YakPhotography (random photos/tips/event photos) by the Yakster ofcourse
7)YakShortStories (preview on short stories) by the Yakster or from other authors
8)YakMalaysia (Malaysia related)
9)YakEducation (subject tips/formula/etc)

New YakCategory will be added in the future if necessary!

For Your Information,
The Yak concept is strictly copyright for this blog and shall not be used without permission. Thank you!

PS: When you see the Yakster it is referring to me, the author of this blog.

Revealing the mini-magazine that caused our eye bags........

Our mini-magazine name is T.3.A.M or you can pronounce as TEAM.
Our tagline, "Delivering the uniqueness in print".
Theme: A better life (given by The Star)
Topic: Health
Focus: Cancer survivorship
Front cover


A simple front cover, we highlighted the candle which symbolizes hope.
"A new normal" is invented by the cancer survivors and is the title of our featured article.

and yes, we didn't have time to edit my face so it is very visible. Now everyone will see the yakster's face.......

Second page

Featured article which focuses on cancer survivorship based on Miss Adeline's own experience.
We didn't want to just come up with an article. We wanted something original so we interviewed Miss Adeline a breast cancer survivor. The article is 100% original and copyrighted.

Plus, I needed the inspiration because I was so stressed up I couldn't think straight and let alone write the article. And yes I did the design for the article as well since Mahirah was too busy designing the front cover so please excuse my not so good photoshop skills, still trying to improve on that. (I can yak and write but photoshop is OK only since I just started not long ago)

Third page

The concept: Diary of a cancer survivor
We put in....
1) A poem written by a cancer survivor which was given to us by Miss Adeline.
2) Quotes from famous celebrities
3) Save you lyrics
4) Cancer survivorship events around the world
5) Celebrity survivor
6) Real life interview of people who had cancer diagnosed relatives or friends

and.....we had to advertise ourselves so we inserted a small banner on T.3.A.M

Any comments? T.3.A.M's first project and I am so glad everything turned out well. Everyone played their part in producing this magazine as a TEAM and we had a lot of fun. So, if any of you out there is inspired to become a writer/journalist like this yakster here or a designer like Mahirah then do look out for Mag Inc 2011 by The Star Newspaper!

It will be worth your time, seriously. Plus, think of the grand prize.....RM 100,000 scholarship from Taylor's University College and a few day trip to somewhere awesome (this year's prize is to Siam Reap)

Mag Inc 2010 is not only a competition, it is a journey, an experience and something money can't buy you.

Inspired to inspire
Love, the yakster.
Alright, now I can continue with my story on my oh-so-long journey to produce a three page magazine. Of course, before we could start on anything we had to have the IDEAS. So where to get the ideas? Magazines, magazines and lots of magazine. We went through so many magazine during our brainstorming session and I just realized how much I spent on magazines. (A lot!) After going through various magazines, we started to plan the design and layout for the different pages. And of course, the contents as well.

Magazines and laptops. (without these can die lor)

Remember I mentioned about the live interview we had with a breast cancer survivor? Let me just say, even if we didn't win this competition at the very least we went through real life interview and research experience. First of all, if you intend to do any interview always call and ask for permission and prepare yourselves for disappointments. I had to call up almost ten different hospitals and cancer societies to get permission to carry out the interview and I thank my lucky stars, Miss Adeline from National Cancer Society Malaysia was willing to be interviewed and help us out.
T.3.A.M together with Miss Adeline Joseph

So, off we went to the National Cancer Society Malaysia which is at 66 Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz 50300 Kuala Lumpur. We were so nervous! Since it was our first attempt of a live interview, we were all very worried about the questions and how we were going to interview Miss Adeline. However, upon arriving and meeting her in person. All our nerves were gone because she was so friendly! Miss Adeline gave us booklets about cancer, we sat down together and the interview began!

Look at those booklets (if you want to see them just e-mail this yakster (me) I can scan them to you)

Listening and writing down her every single word

I was truly amazed and touched by her story on survivorship. Her experience of battling cancer and the how she coped with it really opened my eyes to another perspective of life. Life of a cancer survivor is definitely something to be inspired with. Miss Adeline is a BREAST cancer survivor so we focused a lot on that topic. Girls, do your regular breast examination! Most common cancer for females would be breast cancer while males is prostate cancer. Anyone can get cancer at any age so it is always good to take preventions and live a healthy lifestyle!
We had a tour around the cancer children's homestay

Did you know Nelson Mandela is a prostate cancer survivor? Well, now you know! I learnt a lot while producing this mini-magazine. However, the most important thing I learnt is that I have great friends who are willing to sacrifice their time and stress themselves up with me. T.3.A.M is always a team! We did everything together, everyday after school and even on weekends at my place. We ate together, work together, stress together and bathe....err, wait no. We took turns to bath. In short, we bonded and we love each other!
Our work place, yeah it's messy. (It was messier, see the previous photo)

I'm sorry if I was a bit to hard on you all because I really wanted our mini-magazine to be the best. (at least the best in our school) My father told me that no matter how good we are there is always someone better. We just had to try our best and we did! Given only a week to come up with a mini-magazine. I would say we did a pretty good job!

I nearly cried when we printed the magazine out! My mother saw it and she was like, "Eh, is that it, only three pages?". All of us just stare at her and I went, "Only three pages?!?! Mummy ah, if it was more than that we can die lor". So after a whole week of sleepless night, stressful time constraints and a whole lot of pressure we were done! At least, done for now because now we are still waiting for the finalist to be announced by The Star in August. And yes, T.3.A.M is SMK (P) Sri Aman's representative. (so our goal to be the best in school was achieved, now....if only......)

Well, nothing is impossible! I just have to pray hard that we are shortlisted to the finals.
A few more pictures.....

My first attempt to pose for the front cover (my face was suppose to be edited out, so I didn't mind)

Our session at school. (Can you see Mahirah being inspired by Seventeen mag? Anarrin and Aishah is staring at the laptop's screen trying to absorb the video I forced them to watch on how to create a good magazine)
Distracted by Yuet Ting.....


"Delivering the uniqueness in print"

at Yak Three!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I was suppose to publish this post two weeks ago but I procrastinated until now. What is Mag Inc 2010? Mag Inc 2010 is a competition organized by The Star Newspaper in partnership with Pizza Hut. All participants are required to produce a three page mini-magazine which focuses on a topic with the given theme: A better life.

Why did I join? It is a good experience for everyone and especially for someone like this yakster here (me). This competition embarks us on a journey to produce a mini-magazine which was definitely STRESSFUL. However, I had very supportive team mates. Who are my awesome yaksters? They are Anarrin, Mahirah, Aishah and Tracy! (I'm in girls only school)

So, with a team of five yakters we name ourselves T.3.A.M which is T:Tracy then the 3 A's A:Amy, A:Anarrin, A: Aishah and M:Mahirah. We decided on the topic health, focusing on cancer survivorship. Although we had so many other things up our sleeves we still found time to have brainstorming sessions together. We even stayed back at school everyday!

The best part was when we went to the National Cancer Society Malaysia to interview a breast cancer survivor! (yeah, real life interview!) The best scoop by T.3.A.M! but I shall talk about that at Yak Two.

To be continued......(the yakster needs some sleep)

Maybe a cup of this would help......

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