Friday, July 2, 2010

It has been a busy week for me. I always thought Form 5 would be focused on SPM only and nothing else but I was obviously wrong. This year is just as busy as any other year! Most probably even more than the rest! This whole week has been crazy! Going to school, staying back, practices, barin storming sessions, discussion, work, work and more work!

I definately need more than 24 hours a day. Unfortunately it doesn't, isn't it? Surprisingly my mid-term exams was not bad after all. I improved in all my subjects except, sadly, Accounts. My favourite subject as a matter of fact. I would say the paper was tough. However, there is no one to blame and no excuses to make. I just have to do better for the next and never give up on it. I love the subject anyway.

So my results were satisfying. On the other hand, I finally went through public speaking on the 1st of July. "Prostitution should be legalized". The event was held at Sri KL in conjuction with Trinity College. That morning was nerve wrecking! I slept approximately 3 hours the night before. The nerves were overwhelming, I couldn't sleep at all. Hence, I practiced and practiced. At the same time, prepared for Mag Inc.

What happened? I went to Sri KL with Pn.R and Angela. Angela was so naughty! Upon reaching the registration booth, a bad news hit me! The speaker before me, from Sri KL is speaking about "Prostituition should be legalized" too! I thought Pn.C nobody will choose this topic. The worse of all? She agreed to the statement as well, contents were more or less the same. I reassure myself that I could do better.

Conclusion? I didn't win but I did my best. It was a great experience though. I met new friends, listened to veryinteresting topics presented by speakers from different areas, gain knowledge and one accomplishment for myself. Who would have thought Amy Lim Su Yen will join public speaking, right? Definately not the Amy Lim four years ago. I have gone through many crossroads and took different paths, each which I never regret no taking.

One particular person I cannot help but to admire? Harshiah from SMK Bukit Convent Nanas. I love her originality and creativity! Her topic was a box of chocolates, come to think of it, many speakers talked about a box of chocolates. Their contents were almost identical, relating a box of chocolates to life as full of surprises and all of them quoted the same person, Forest Gump. There is no doubt, that it doesn't mean they are no good because each speaker had their own way of presenting it to the audience.

Some were magnificent in my point of view, some were filled with emotions, some were serious but yet sensible and some were just plain good! However, Harshiah related her box of chocolate to 1 Malaysia. She explained how all the different types of chocolates such as turkish delight, dark chocolate, white chocolate or mily chocolate are in one box. All united in that same box along side each other. I was taken a back by her speech! The first thing that hit me was, "I surrender, she should win".

I admit she was very good and deserved to be crowned champion. On top of that, we did chat before the competition commenced and I instantly liked her because she was bubbly, cheerful and happy-go-lucky! Overall, the competition gave a spotlight to each speaker to shine for that 5 minutes. We came, we conquered, we spoke and we made ourselves and many poeple proud!

After the competition, a light lunch was served. Everyone sat together, we chat, we bonded, we laugh and shared stories. At the end of the day, it was not all about winning (although winning would have been a cherry on top of the cake). As I mentioned, winning the competition was not the most important, unless your teacher would kill you if you didn't but I don't think there is such occurence, right? It was about the experience, the lessons learned, the wisdom gained. For me, it was the sense of achievement of one self, the ability to conquer something and the new people I meet.

Teachers sat and chat. Speakers laughed and talked. I had a great time. What made me happier? I went back to school and everyone I encountered asked if I won. I told them no I didn't but their response was more or less the same. "We're proud of you" or "You did good". I felt the love and encouragement from everyone even from people I didn't talk to that much. In my own eyes I did win. I won against myself and my fears. I won against time. I won against impposibility. Everyone is a champion, even YOU!

However, I wouldn't have been given this golden oppurtunity if it weren't for Pn. Cheong and Pn. Racheal. Thank you so much teacher! I appreciate the faith you had in me. To see the smile on your faces made my day gleeful. I also thank everyone else who gave me support, advices and constructive critisism. Thank you Pn. Mages, Pn. Noraini Chance, Pn. Su and all the beautiful teachers in Sri Aman.Thank you Anarrin, Myra, Pah, Amiera, Asyiqin, Natashyia, Jen Yeen, Abigail, Farah, Amalina, Kimberly and all my other angels without wings.

I came. I conquered.
Amy Lim Su Yen


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