Thursday, July 22, 2010

I was suppose to publish this post two weeks ago but I procrastinated until now. What is Mag Inc 2010? Mag Inc 2010 is a competition organized by The Star Newspaper in partnership with Pizza Hut. All participants are required to produce a three page mini-magazine which focuses on a topic with the given theme: A better life.

Why did I join? It is a good experience for everyone and especially for someone like this yakster here (me). This competition embarks us on a journey to produce a mini-magazine which was definitely STRESSFUL. However, I had very supportive team mates. Who are my awesome yaksters? They are Anarrin, Mahirah, Aishah and Tracy! (I'm in girls only school)

So, with a team of five yakters we name ourselves T.3.A.M which is T:Tracy then the 3 A's A:Amy, A:Anarrin, A: Aishah and M:Mahirah. We decided on the topic health, focusing on cancer survivorship. Although we had so many other things up our sleeves we still found time to have brainstorming sessions together. We even stayed back at school everyday!

The best part was when we went to the National Cancer Society Malaysia to interview a breast cancer survivor! (yeah, real life interview!) The best scoop by T.3.A.M! but I shall talk about that at Yak Two.

To be continued......(the yakster needs some sleep)

Maybe a cup of this would help......


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