Monday, July 12, 2010

'Paul' changed his nationality from German to Spain. After Paul successfully predicted Germany's defeat to Spain his aquarium in Germany has received many death threats (trust me this 'many' is indeed not a small number). A massive amount of people wants him to be sushi. However, Spain is more than willing to protect their 'lucky' oracle from being turned into dinner.

'Paul' definately does not look pretty like that would he?
Luckily he has Spain to ensure his safety. For the finals, 'Paul' has again predicted that Spain will be crowned champion for the FIFA World Cup 2010. Later on, another claimed oracle, Mani the parrot came into the industry and predicted Netherlands would win instead. Therefore, it was battle of the species.
'Paul' and 'Mani' certainly made bigger headlines than the team playing. Both of them gave football fans or should I say addicts a spark of hope and enlightenment.

The conclusion? Everyone was so eager to know which team will grab the title as the next FIFA World Cup champions. I am pretty sure nobody slept yesterday night. The game started off good but twenty-minutes into the game there was no sign of a goal but a sea of yellow cards kept coming in. Spain tried and Netherlands fought. Both teams were at their top conditions.
However, second half into the game, all our nerves were wrecking us. I think we were as stressed up as the players themselves. Yellow, red, yellow, red cards were collected but not even a single goal yet?

It was a neck on neck battle and after and hour and a half everyone opt for the extra time with hopes that either team would score during then.
Thirty-minutes extra time is crucial while everyone is praying hard. Ten-minutes passed, no goal. Another ten, still no goal.....five-minutes left, no goal, are you kidding?!?!?!?!?!? Then, it came, one perfect strike by Andres Iniesta at the 116th minute of the game. At that moment, Spain fans were thrilled with joy while on the other hand, a Netherlands fan like myself was devastated. However, it was the best football match history has ever written and both Spain and Netherlands played exceptionally well.

Andres Iniesta was honoured the title man of the match. Spain is crowned champion. Netherlands might not have won but they made history and their people proud. Both teams marked the end of FIFA World Cup 2010, the best football season to date. The football fever has came to an end but I am sure after last night's game another kind of fever will greet all of us.
In a nutshell, football is not just a hobby or a sport. It is beyond description because of its different impact and effect on everyone. This year Spain won but who can predict four years from now which team will emerge as champions in the FIFA World Cup 2014 at Brazil? ('Paul' retires after this final game and 'Mani' is not an option) We will just have to wait and see and until then let us continue living life to the fullest.
FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa,
Netherlands : Spain
0 : 1

Heartfelt congratulations to Spain, Netherlands, Germany and all other teams that played tremendously well during the FIFA World Cup 2010 at South Africa. You played, conquered, and has made many proud.


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