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Alright, now I can continue with my story on my oh-so-long journey to produce a three page magazine. Of course, before we could start on anything we had to have the IDEAS. So where to get the ideas? Magazines, magazines and lots of magazine. We went through so many magazine during our brainstorming session and I just realized how much I spent on magazines. (A lot!) After going through various magazines, we started to plan the design and layout for the different pages. And of course, the contents as well.

Magazines and laptops. (without these can die lor)

Remember I mentioned about the live interview we had with a breast cancer survivor? Let me just say, even if we didn't win this competition at the very least we went through real life interview and research experience. First of all, if you intend to do any interview always call and ask for permission and prepare yourselves for disappointments. I had to call up almost ten different hospitals and cancer societies to get permission to carry out the interview and I thank my lucky stars, Miss Adeline from National Cancer Society Malaysia was willing to be interviewed and help us out.
T.3.A.M together with Miss Adeline Joseph

So, off we went to the National Cancer Society Malaysia which is at 66 Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz 50300 Kuala Lumpur. We were so nervous! Since it was our first attempt of a live interview, we were all very worried about the questions and how we were going to interview Miss Adeline. However, upon arriving and meeting her in person. All our nerves were gone because she was so friendly! Miss Adeline gave us booklets about cancer, we sat down together and the interview began!

Look at those booklets (if you want to see them just e-mail this yakster (me) I can scan them to you)

Listening and writing down her every single word

I was truly amazed and touched by her story on survivorship. Her experience of battling cancer and the how she coped with it really opened my eyes to another perspective of life. Life of a cancer survivor is definitely something to be inspired with. Miss Adeline is a BREAST cancer survivor so we focused a lot on that topic. Girls, do your regular breast examination! Most common cancer for females would be breast cancer while males is prostate cancer. Anyone can get cancer at any age so it is always good to take preventions and live a healthy lifestyle!
We had a tour around the cancer children's homestay

Did you know Nelson Mandela is a prostate cancer survivor? Well, now you know! I learnt a lot while producing this mini-magazine. However, the most important thing I learnt is that I have great friends who are willing to sacrifice their time and stress themselves up with me. T.3.A.M is always a team! We did everything together, everyday after school and even on weekends at my place. We ate together, work together, stress together and bathe....err, wait no. We took turns to bath. In short, we bonded and we love each other!
Our work place, yeah it's messy. (It was messier, see the previous photo)

I'm sorry if I was a bit to hard on you all because I really wanted our mini-magazine to be the best. (at least the best in our school) My father told me that no matter how good we are there is always someone better. We just had to try our best and we did! Given only a week to come up with a mini-magazine. I would say we did a pretty good job!

I nearly cried when we printed the magazine out! My mother saw it and she was like, "Eh, is that it, only three pages?". All of us just stare at her and I went, "Only three pages?!?! Mummy ah, if it was more than that we can die lor". So after a whole week of sleepless night, stressful time constraints and a whole lot of pressure we were done! At least, done for now because now we are still waiting for the finalist to be announced by The Star in August. And yes, T.3.A.M is SMK (P) Sri Aman's representative. (so our goal to be the best in school was achieved, now....if only......)

Well, nothing is impossible! I just have to pray hard that we are shortlisted to the finals.
A few more pictures.....

My first attempt to pose for the front cover (my face was suppose to be edited out, so I didn't mind)

Our session at school. (Can you see Mahirah being inspired by Seventeen mag? Anarrin and Aishah is staring at the laptop's screen trying to absorb the video I forced them to watch on how to create a good magazine)
Distracted by Yuet Ting.....


"Delivering the uniqueness in print"

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