Tuesday, July 27, 2010

YakMusic: Game by BoA

BoA is one of the most known artist in her industry. She is signed under the same record label as SHINee, Super Junior and Girls Generation. S.M Entertainment proudly presents to us Game by BoA.

My opinion is that the song itself is not as nice as I thought it would be. It is neither fantastic or amazing and did not really impressed me. However, different people has different opinion, you might find it interesting. Compared to Lucifer by SHINee which was released not long ago, BoA failed to capture the spotlight from us. Her music video somehow reminded me of Lady Gaga.

Would have prefer to see more dancing in her music videos. Overall, I think the only thing worth praising is the costumes and set design. Her outfits are definitely stunning and the set with the big alphabet B is simple yet attractive. My conclusion, if you want to watch an awesome music video I suggest watching Lucifer by SHINee instead but if you just want to kill time then there is no harm watching Game by BoA.

YakRating: 6/10


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