Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spintronics, what?!?! I had the same reaction when I saw the word Spintronics. Just recently, on the 20 July 2010 I was given an oppurtunity to attend Honeywell Nobel Laurette Lecture at Uinversity of Malaya. To tell you the truth, when I took the form to attend this event I didn't know what it was all about. All I knew was we get to meet a nobel prize winner and that was more than enough to lure me to attend.

I am indeed grateful that our school's Physics teacher is willing to bring us to this event. We arrived at the venue earlier than anyone else which is normal for us. Always punctual and hardly late (note: I didn't use never,haha!).
So, what was the first thing that caught my eyes? A banner which tells us excatly what we were they for.
Which indeed left me pondering on the topic of the lecture. Spintronics? Really? What is that?!?!?!? Definately my first encounter with the word spintronics and my immediate conclusion is it means electronic devices that can spin. Well, you cannot blame me for the lame conclusion since the word is very alien to me.
All of us took our seats and waited for (ahem) not so punctual people to arrive. Even the professor was there already! So speaking of the Professor, I came up with an image of him the day before. I expected him to be slightly short, nerdy looking and perhaps wrinkled? It is obvious that people who are honoured nobel prizes don't look like me, okay?
They spent, I repeat, they spent years and years of research and studying their own theory. Wouldn't you look ten years older than your real age if you spend all day, everyday at home trying to discover something that might or might not work? You will be in constant stress and pressure! However, at least this professor is successful. We sat patiently and waited for the event to commence.
Guess what I did while waiting? (which I'm slightly embarrassed of). I started ransacking the goodie bag given to us and was hoping to find a few pens and pencils in it. You must be thinking what a jackun (is there such a word?) I am. Let me share with you a heartfelt pain I had that morning. So, this idiot here (me) left her pencil box along with her notebook/doodlebook/inspiration book at school the day before and when she hurriedly went to retrive it.......and here's the pathetic part! The book was still there but the pencil box was GONE.
Why pathetic? Well, it is very pathetic to acknowledge that someone would be desperate enough to take another's belonging. Which I call it STEALING but you might call it 'finders, keepers'. Which I would still say its STEALING, CRIME and SHAMEFUL. What is more pathetic is they left the book there which makes it so obvious that they took the pencil box because they want to use the inerts to it. Go buy your own pen for goodness sake!
I was rather unhappy because it is my second pencil box that was STOLED. However, I have myself to blame for my own stupidity. Thank goodness the book was still there because I would have cried if the book is gone because the book is more valuable to me compared to a few pens (actually I have like the whole stationery shop in there, huge pencil box!). Anyway, I shall scan my book for you to see the next time and you would know why I would break down if it was gone.
Anyway, all is good now. Now, have you seen Professor Albert Fert? He's French! Although he doesn't really look like what I imagined him to be but my conclusion about looking old has been proven accurate. However, he looks good with his white hair. Well, I wouldn't even have hair left if I spent FIFTEEN YEARS trying to discover something you cannot see.
Yes, you got it. Professor Albert spent fifteen years to discover SPINTRONICS. We were all very excited to listen to his lecture and when he started to speak...snickers and annoying comments from people behind me can be heard. Is it wrong to have a strong French accent? Why don't you try to go on stage and speak?
A few of my schoolmates who were behind me are extremely annoying and insulting. They were annoying because the cannot shut their mouth. Come on, if you don't want to listen then just shut up because other people wants to. Even a chatter box like me knows when to be silent, okay? (and trust me, I'm hardly silent)
On top of that, they were immitating the way the Professor pronounce his words and I find it very insulting. All I can say is, their actions makes me loathe them and I wish them all the best in the future because their attitude is going to bring them no where.
I admire Professor Albert Fert for his commitment and I salute his passion for Physics. Although I didn't understand a single thing he said about Spintronics but I am sure it is something amazing because it does look amazing! (but very, VERY complicated) My head hurts trying to absorb what he presented and his diagrams made my eyes blur. So, if you want to know what excatly is SPINTRONICS. I am so very sorry I cannot tell you because I have absolutely NO IDEA. Go ahead, Google or Yahoo it! (unless you're very the lazy then forget it)
After the lecture our teacher brought us to the cafeteria to get our lunch and replenish our exhausted soul. Yes, trying to understand Physics is very energy consuming. I was not really tempted by the food they served but....I discovered my long lost 'KUIH BANGKIT'!
It has been such a long time since I had some of these cute little white biscuits! So I bought a packet and started to indulge in it with my friends. Oh, the goodness that melts in the mouth! I finished the whole packet! (and good on me because now I have a sore throat)
I don't believe I'm bringing childhood memories back to life after some lecture on SPINTRONICS! If you have never tasted 'kuih bangkit' go and get yourself some! The best 'kuih bangkit' is actually the Chinese version which usually is made during Chinese New Year. They have another name for it but I cannot remember what. Usually the Chinese will make it in shapes of animals and most of the time a shape of a dragon or rabbit.
And again if you're too lazy to Google or Yahoo it I can't help you, mate.

After lunch we went shopping! Shopping at University Malaya's bookstore. I know you asked for souveniers but money don't grow on trees so here is picture of their very own organizers especially taken for you, enjoy! (I'm very broke, sorry !)

Inspired to study for Physics,
Professor Albert Fert, you rock!


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