Friday, July 23, 2010

FYI: This is not an advertisement and I don't get paid for sharing this event's information. It is just a yakster yakking about an event she finds interesting and would want to yak about it to you.

Hello! Salutations everyone! Guess what event is awaiting you to participate if you love speed racing. The Honda Racing Ultimate Challenge Contest! You must be thinking why would a female yakster like me be interested in a contest like that? Well, first of all the prizes are attractive.

Participants stand a chance to win Apple products worth up to RM40,000!
Grand prize: 2X Apple MacBook per team
Second prize: 2X Apple iPhone 3GS per team
Third prize: 2X Apple iPod Touch per team
Consolation prizes: 28X Alpinestars auto racing merchandise

Well, tempted to join? I don't know about you but the yakster here really likes the grand prize. Actually the second prize is something I have been longing to own. Who doesn't want an iPhone?
In addition, the contest is very easy to join!

There are altogether three phase in the contest. The first phase requires us to answer five, yes ONLY FIVE questions and complete a slogan (which is the harder part) to qualify for the second phase. Each qualifier is allowed to bring a friend to compete among 3o teams in a Go Kart challenge held on the 7 August 2010. Finally, the last phase requires us to compete among 20 teams in a surprise finale during the Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race!

Well, is your urge to join eating you up from the inside? Mine is! The first phase sounds easy and there is no harm in giving it a try. Unless you don't know how to read and write but if you do then, let's do it! Go Kart is fun anyway. I love the sensation of speed running through my hair when we race in a Go Kart track even if our hair would end up looking like an alien blow dried it.

This is a link to Honda's website if you would want confirmation on the contest Honda Malaysia

Enjoy and good luck!


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