Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey, it has been such a long time. I actually like to blog but my internet connection was too slow to even sign into my account but fortunately, my father signed up for the high speed broadband by TMnet. Hence, I can access to any site I desire in a blink of an eye.

Firstly, the good news. I submitted an essay to The Star BRATs programme and I am chosen! I was suppose to attend the one held in Kuching this holiday but because of a late response I am attending The Star BRATs workshop at Kuantan in September. I was so happy that tears just started rolling down my cheeks. Tears of joy not sorrow in my case. I really couldn't believe that I was chosen. I really felt like I was the most blessed person on the surface of the earth. This programme is like a stepping stone for me to make my dream turn into a reality.

Next, The Standard Chartered Marathon is on the 27 June 2010 which is just around the corner. Unfortunately, my training is going at a very slow pace. I ran 7km today in an hour's time. An hour to run 7km! My metabolism rate has really gone down hill after a few months of slacking in my training routine. I admit my training is not as tough as before and now I have to really work my ass off if I want to finish the race on time. That is 10km in an hour and a half's time. Hopefully, I can achieve this and make myself proud.

Moving on, I have a public speaking competition on the 1 July 2010. Normally, I would have already finish my script on Monday and have already send it to Pn. C to clarify it but it is already Wednesday and I haven't even got my introduction written down. Maybe it will help if someone give me a tight slap across the face. Well, I have been procrasinating but on the contrary my inspiration just isn't there for this topic. 'Prositution should be legalised', if anyone has any idea how I can come up with a brilliant script so that I can practice until I have it in my dreams then please e-mail me at I was kidding. I like to depend on nobody except myself. My script will be done by tomorrow afternoon and I will have it sent to Pn. C and my practice will start either tomorrow night or on Friday. I will practice so hard to win this competition and prove to those 'people' who said that I didn't deserve to be announced champion for the previous competition. Mark my words. I am indeed not someone to be under estimated and I really loathe sore losers like 'them'.

Let me distract myself from negativity and shift to something positive. I am addicted to PSP games now! It is so addictive and fun to play with. I have been playing this battle game that has really nice graphics. I think it's called BlazBattle. The characters are all so pretty and cool. The story to the game is also very creative. It's almost like watching an anime while playing this game. Wait, don't get me wrong I don't own a PSP, my brother does. I just so happen to be the one who is always helping him to update, install and etc the softwares and games so I get to borrow it whenever I wanted to.

I forgot to mention, my aunt is bringing me on a day trip to Eagle Ranch, Port Dickson this Saturday! Definately, the most anticipated day this holiday. I cannot wait to go out with her! I always spend the most memorable experience with my aunt. This trip will be an oppurtunity for me to take awesome pictures too. Now I remember the reason my mood has been so good lately. My father bought me a DSLR camera! Canon EOS 1000D is currently my favourite asset and I love it to bits. Photography is definately something I would like to spend some serious time on. You see, I am someone who loves to venture into this kind of genre. Writing, drawing, designing, photography and more that has yet to be tried by me.

Let me get one thing straight, everytime I blog the entry post will be atleast half a page long. If you haven't notice I am indeed someone who can go on talking and talking non-stop. In addition, haven't you realised that I want to become a journalist/writer? How can I say I want to become a journalist/writer if I cannot write and express my thoughts, right? Am I right or am I wrong? Well, I think I'm right, right? Notice how funny it is that instead of using correct I use the word right so many times? I think I am going too out of topic already. Wait a minute.....I don't even have a topic for this post. What should my topic be?

On the other hand, let's just put that aside for now. I need to continue writing my book. It's has been awhile since exam has started. Hopefully, this book would be a success. I am still not quite sure about it's title yet. How does 'Jewel of my heart' sounds too you? (and no I didn't choose this base on CF's theme this year) Anyway, let me just finish the book first then I can think of the title.

I wonder if anyone ever read my blog? I bet they will give up half way reading my entry since I just seem to blabber nonsense that can sum up to atleast a 1000 words essay. Speaking of 1000 words....recently, for my Literature in English exam I wrote a 15 page answer. My teacher will have a headache marking it. (Sorry, Pn. S!) My friends just gave me a wide eye and they think I am crazy. Their same response, "I didn't even know what to write. Are you crazy?". My response, "Come on, I was just putting whatever thoughts that was in my head down. Most probably only half of it makes any sense. Hopefully,enough to pass-lah". I don't ask much, just a pass. No kidding, Literature in English or we refer it to as 'Big L' is always rated as the hardest SPM subject by all who have gone a little bit senile while they made the decision to take it. However, I enjoy this subject very much.Of course I love this subject, writing and being able to think out of the box and express my ideas, thoughts and opinions without limitations is definately my cup of tea. There is always no right or wrong answer in Big L, just how you interpret what the author was trying to tell you that matters.Plus, I love Pn.S!

Do you think I exceed 1000 words already? Not that it matters actually because I don't even think I would want to read my own entry after I post it. Too long and most of it is just a fragnant of my mind for the day.

Do you know what is in my mind right now? I want to see S.H.E in person again! I have seen them twice already but I would want to see them again. Somehow, they really have this influence on me. Their the most unpretentious artist I have ever known. Don't judge my opinion because only a fan of S.H.E will understand why I think that is so. Guess what? Selina is definately getting married soon to Ah Zhong. (I think that's his name) He openly confessed his love for Selina during S.H.E Love is the One concert in Taipei recently. He is a lawyer and not bad at all. A perfect match with Selina and she looked so happy when he said "Lao po, wo ai ni", which means "Wifey, I love you". Selina even cried tears of happiness and she looked like the happiest person on earth at that time. I am so happy for her and I pray that their relationship will continue to blossom and that they will spend joyous times together in the future.

I wonder how long it would take before all of them (now only two left since Selina has already found hers) Hebe and Ella will find their other half and build a family? They have definately made it to the top in their industry and earned the honorary title as heavenly queen group. Who would have thought they will still stay strong after ten years? Yes, S.H.E has been in the industry for ten long years up to date and they will continue to be together for many more years to come. From teenagers to attractive woman. From fresh new singers to superstars. From being recognized by little people to huge international fan bases (me included). Not to mention from being just another person to role models that made a lot of difference in someone's life (me included). They are most probably one of the reasons to my success of losing half my body weight (40kg ain't easy without great inspiration and motivation). It was most definately S.H.E that inspired me to loose all that excess burden on me.

Okay, I should most probably stop here. It's getting to out of hand already. Not to mention I need to finish my script as promised (cross fingers). It would most probably take me all night. Well, no harm burning the midnight oil. It's the holiday after all and I can wake up at any hour of the day, right? No curfews. On second thought, it WILL take me all night because I am most likely to be distracted by Youtube while trying to finish my script. Alright, I really should stop here. I have to save the blabbering for another entry, until then, live life to the fullest!

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