Monday, July 12, 2010

Actually it's just give me a break since I only fancy eating dark chocolate. Monday night and I am still coughing my lungs out. (trust me, if it's possible, I would have already coughed my lungs out) However, atleast I managed to do some homework today. Seven pages of accounts!

If I would explain to you how was live for the past five days in accounting language it would be something like this. Dr: Eat, Cr: Sleep. Dr: Medicine, Cr: Sleep. Dr: Headache, Cr: Sleep. Dr:Nausea, Cr: Sleep.

I think we get the picture, I have been doing nothing but sleep, sleep and sleep. Half the time when I am awake, is either I have a massive headache or I will feel nauseated. Usually, I would surf the internet to ease the pain and distract myself from the uneasiness. It does not seem like I am able to attend the play scheduled for tomorrow night. Hopefully I will be well by Friday. I want to attend Bon Odori so badly!

Wait a minute! What is Bon Odori? You mean you don't know there is such a thing called Bon Odori happening this Saturday?!?!?! Bon Odori is the biggest Japan festival held in Malaysia and if you miss it, you are missing a lot, trust me. Even if you are no big fan of the Japanese culture it is an event you should attend at least once in your life. And no, it does not necessarily mean you should only attend once.

Alright, details, you need details.

What is happening?

PANASONIC SPORTS COMPLEX, Lot 4, Persiaran perkilangan, Section 21, Shah Alam, Selangor and there is also one in Penang

17th July 2010, Saturday

5p.m. to 10p.m.

For futher it!

I am very excited because it will be a whole day of fun. My dad and I will be celebrating our birthdays on that day. (our birthday is two days apart) We will be having lunch and then attend Bon Odori at night. Just a rough idea on Bon Odori, it is almost like a carnival but there will be a center stage and performance will be held. Usually, its the Japanese dance where everyone can join in around the stage. There will be food, games and souveniers. (Japan style) Most of all, you meet various people from everywhere!

For photographers, it is not an oppurtunity to miss. The colours, patterns and ambience of the event will do wonders for photographs. Especially when a lot of people will be walking around in different Yukata. Yukata is a summer Kimono and it is very beautiful. I want to get one Yukata but its rather hard to find and expensive as well. Would most probably check the Yukata fair our at Mid Valley this Thursday or Friday. So, Amy Lim, GET WELL BY THEN!

There is two things you should do tonight if you haven't.
1) Google about Bon Odori
2) Search the internet to get your hands on a Yukata

That is if you plan to attend and trust me, you will not regret going. See you there! (if this health of mine gets well by then) *fingers crossed*


Sibyl said...

Hi - don't forget to get better soon to come for the concert!

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