Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yak Event/ Yak Topic: Taylor’s Asaban Festival 2010/ Anime. Cosplay. Games.

(The yakster wants to warn you that this is a longer than average post)

First of all, this is what happened at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus on 28 August 2010, Saturday which was the Taylor’s Asaban Festival 2010. From 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. was the ‘Asa’ part of the festival which highlights cosplay, singing competition and live performances.

I reached there at around 11 a.m. and it was very hot. Quite a number of cosplayers were they already but the ambience was not what I was expected it to be. Entrance fee was RM10 per person but it goes to charity. My first impression was, ‘where are the people?” However, the cosplay competition just started and the participants were already posing on stage.

As usual, each participant was required to come up with three striking pose.

Most of the cosplayers that were around didn’t join the competition and only a few did. Hence, I went and lurk around the place to take pictures of the silent cosplayers which is in fact more than willing to pose for you.

I was a bit surprised that Taylor’s canceled the art competition because it was a huge hit during C2AGE organized by Help University College. Fortunately, there was one very talented artist in the house and his master pieces were amazing.


Similar to C2AGE there was also a figurine display table. Some of the figurines were the same because it was from the same company. Therefore, I only took of the figurines that I didn’t see the last time.

Cosplay is not just a hobby, it is a platform and community for anime or comic lovers to share their passion and joy with each other. We meet new friends and have fun. Most of the cosplayers I know are younger than me, there are my juniors. I guess it appeals more to the younger generation. Can you imagine your uncle cosplaying? I guess not.

The booths set up during ACG was mainly focused on artwork and some of them selling button badges. There was a store selling coloured lens which I wanted so much to get but I know I won’t be able to wear them so I didn’t. Furthermore, there was a stall which sold umbrellas and guess who they asked to pose with their product? Please, don’t laugh.

It was nice but RM60 was not affordable, it was beyond affordable. Next, the food they were selling outside was not that great since choices were limited. My father came to look for my sister and I to go hunt for food. Since Taylor’s was still new, barely anything was open. Actually, nothing was open. We were on the edge of giving up and we were starving but fortunately we spotted everyone at SUBWAY. There was SUBWAY at Taylors and most people were eating there. (Now you know how I got the title?) Everyone was eating SUBWAY and trust me, it was the best option.

After lunch, we went back to take more pictures. This time, let me show you a few group pictures.

I didn’t stay for the ‘Ban’ part of the festival which includes Bon-Odori dance and Yukata demonstration. However, based on the ‘Asa’ part which is ACG, Anime, Comic and Games I conclude that it was not bad but I preferred C2AGE because there was more activities that day which included art competition, Udon eating competition, cosplay checkers and live auction.

In a nutshell, it was a successful event because many people came and had fun. Cosplayers were more though and they definitely had a good time. The next event to look out for would be Comic Fiesta, the biggest cosplay event in Malaysia and it lasts for two days.

My friend has decided for the both of us to cosplay based of Hellsing and I am supposed to be the blondie but I never watch Hellsing so I have to google it up. She decides our characters for the first day and I get to choose for the second day. Any suggestions which anime I should take?

PS//I have to put this picture up because this guy was so shy when he wanted to ask for a picture.


Dylan Phuah said...

the orange banana was there :D

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

Hey! Actually I didn't see you. Did you stay until 9.30p.m?

zzanyy said...

cool ^_^ always look to see the wacky costumes

John said...

cos play. wow.

Amy said...

@zzanyy Yup, nice to see different costumes but hard to make you know :-)

@John Haha, ever been to one? Should go and see :-)

Mabel Low said...

LOL! I actually tot that was a samurai sword! See see... an umbrella.

Carrie said...

How come I missed this event? OMG! These figures are all my husband's favourite!!!

Anonymous said...

@Mabel, haha, at first me too! :-)
@Carrie There's two more coming up, animagaki and comic fiesta :-)

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