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YakTopics: A new life, how is a baby created?


I just wrote a recent topic on abandoned babies and here I am writing a post on the creation of life. Just this morning, my physical education teacher showed us a National Geographic video entitled, Baby in the Womb. This video was an eye opener and it has inspired me to write this post.

How many times in life did we feel like giving up when it gets a little bit tougher? Have we ever ponder on the fact that we are indeed winners? There is no person on earth that is considered unworthy and useless. Neither is there anyone who is born stupid or dumb. In fact, out of billions of sperm cells, we are the champion. The number one who made it to the ovum. Hence, are we not the best among the rest? The answer is yes, we are because only one sperm will be fertilized at a time and this lucky cell will be given life.

Life is a miracle, a beautiful process and a wonderful phenomenon. We should be grateful that God created life, both men and women. We should thank our father for turning us into who we are. It is the sperm cell from our father that determines our gender whether a male or female. In addition, we must definitely thank our mother because she made it all possible, she gave us life, she sheltered us when we were just 2 cm tall, she fed us nutrients and she carried us for nine months. 

mof 2

Usually, a foetus will develop the human body parts at the sixth week and by the eight week, the little life will start to have senses although the mind has not begin to function. At this time, the little life will be only 3cm tall. Can you imagine yourself being only 3 cm tall?

Our mother will provide us all the nutrients and oxygen through her blood stream so whatever your mother eats, you get it too. Hence, we must thank our mother for eating healthily and providing us with the right nutrients. If a mother decides to smoke or consume heavy amount of alcohol then her baby will suffer from its side effects. In other words, born deformed or premature babies. 

mof 1

Hence, should you not be grateful that you were born with two hands, legs, eyes, mouth, nose and everything else? Imagine yourself without a toe or an ear, now that would be sad. As I was saying, we should always believe in ourselves when we do something. Never believe in the word impossible. As the saying goes, if you think you can, then you can. 

It is not easy for our mother to bring us into this world. She had to put up with hormonal changes, morning sickness, carrying us around for nine months was not easy either, we are definitely not as light as feather. Some mothers would even suffer from back problems, stress and depression. Worse scenario, some mothers would feel so pressured that she might even consider suicide or abortion. 

Therefore, we must treasure the life that was given to us. Always do good things, speak truthful words and hear wise talks. Refrain from negativity. Life is a miracle and from this miracle, we can create more of our own miracles. Just believe in it.

blwy 2

We are the chosen one…..

blwy 3

The winner out of billions…….

blwy 1

God gave us life and we should live life to the fullest.

Here is a video on this topic. Watch it and may you be filled with inspiration to live life.

Video credits to  Hyper Pixels Media.
Pictures edited by the yakster.

PS: Pictures of Brandon Lim Wen Yung must not be taken without permission. (Yakster's brother so must ask permission first)

Inspired to inspire, live life to the fullest!


Hilda Milda™ said...

I love babies c:

Anonymous said...

same! they are all too cute :-)

--andy-- said...

Love our birth-day, love our mummy more :)
on the day we were born, our mummy was fighting between life/death to bring us into this world.

Good post.

Anonymous said...

Well said! Thanks :-)

Aidi-Safuan said...

cant believe there are people yang sanggup buang their own baby. hurm... :(

Kelvin said...

We are born to die, so must enjoy life ^^

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

@ Aidi Safuian I agree! those people are just too cruel to be called humans

@ Kelvin Live life to the fullest, yeah! :-)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

i wonder what kind of humans, after fighting for their lives for 9 months, delivering the baby, can still dump those blessed little souls by the roadside? after all the pain and struggle bearing the babies?

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