Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yakmusic Review: Can't nobody by 2NE1

The hiatus thing is not working for the yakster at all. Hence, she is back with a music review. Has everyone seen the latest music video by 2NE1 entitled, Can't nobody? It has been out for a week now.

In my opinion, this song will only be nice for dancing. In terms of vocals, you really cannot get much out of it because the whole song was not solely on pure vocals. Personally, I only found Park Bom (red hair) parts nice to listen to. Her singing in this song is the best compared to the rest. The best part of this music video is actually towards the end.

Costume wise, I would say, impressive because there are many varieties and also in different colours. Dancing is impressive as well. Just like all other Korean artiste, their dance moves are always up to standard. However, if I were to rate this music video based on song alone or if I were to rate the song itself than it will most probably get 4/10. Fortunately, I rate the music video in terms of dance moves, music and the overall perspective.

Yak Rating: 7/10

Video credits to Youtube uploader.


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