Monday, August 9, 2010

YakMusic: Something bout' Love by David Archuleta

Guess who is back with another new song that will melt a lot of girl's hearts? David Archuleta from American Idol has just released his latest music video featuring the song, Something bout' Love.

So what is it about love? Love is something powerful, something miraculous and is often blind. Love can be hatred, love can be happiness, love can be anything. David Archuleta has his own perspective on love and he is all out to tell you in his own creative way which is non other than singing.

He was the cute idol contestant we saw in American Idol but time has passed by rather quickly. David is ready to show the world what he can do with those powerful vocals and Something bout Love is just the starter.

This song would most probably appeal to many age groups since it is after all about LOVE. I think the song has a nice, meaningful lyric to it and the singing is definitely up to standard. David Archuleta has improved a lot and this song is just right for his style of singing. He sang it naturally and did not sound monotonous. Something bout Love is absolutely recommended if you just feel like relaxing while listening to a soothing song which has a tinge of powerful emotions behind it.

YakRatings: 8/10

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