Friday, August 27, 2010

Yak Malaysia/ Topic: Puasa Ramadhan

I am not referring to the novel Fasting, Feasting but rather about Ramadhan. Even though I am not muslim but I think it is actually fun to ‘puasa for one month. First of all, why do I say that? In my opinion, there are more good and beneficial things that comes out from this month instead of negative things. For instance, the bond with family and friends when they ‘buka puasa’ or break fast. It cannot be denied that in the modern era, most children will barely see their parents and let alone eat dinner with them.


However, this is the magic of Ramadhan, everyone will always have the time to break fast with each other. In other words, they spend more quality time together. Children who normally don’t get to eat with their parents or have quality bonding session will find this as the the time to fill the gap. Every family will have their break fast with each other everyday. They buy the food home, go out to eat or invite other people but most of all, they spend time together. Is it not the most important thing to spend quality time with the people you love?


Of course, fasting is not easy but have you ever seen a muslim break fast with a long sour face or do they have a smile plastered on their face instead? It is obvious that everything we do in life brings us joy directly or indirectly. Not only is the part of breaking fast together fun but also the part where the plan of what to have for break fast enjoyable. Most people will think that it is best not to mention about food when fasting but instead, that is the better part of fasting, talking about the food.


The yakster studies in a class that has a population of 95% muslim but all they ever yak about to each other in class is food. We yak about food, drool while thinking about it and even when we get home the first thing we tweet each other on twitter, is about food. In addition, the normal conversation before 7 p.m. is what are you having for ‘buka puasa’. So it is proven that fasting and feasting is a beautiful thing. However, being said so it is still hard to fast the whole day and the hardest part is always not being able to drink water.


Therefore, I am proud to share with you a few tips on how not to feel like you are fasting even though you are. Wait a minute, you must be thinking how would I know since I don’t fast. Of course I know because there are times that I was so busy, I forgot to eat the whole day which is equivalent to fasting.

My first tip, just eat normally in the morning and evening because you will mess your body up by trying to eat more than usual and you feel weird after that.

Second, go about your normal routine as usual. Don’t worry about not having enough energy because when you suddenly change your usual lifestyle then you are more likely to feel lethargic.

Lastly, just distract yourself, do as much fun stuff or something that you enjoy because as I say, when you are occupied, you will even forget that you are hungry.


Happy fasting and may you enjoy feasting with your family, relatives and friends
The wonders of Malaysia is the people, the culture and the food. No doubt are we one nation that lives in harmony among each other. This is what I call 1 Malaysia.
[A trip to The Curve, witnessed their creative display for Ramadhan, took pictures and was inspired. Thus, the yakster wanted to yak about it right here, right now.]


Aidi-Safuan said...

huhu.. berapa hari dah puasa? :)

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

@Aidi Saya tak puasa lah :-)

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