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YakTopics: Poverty around the world

When was the last time you frown at the food served for dinner? When was the last time you got mad because we received a pair of Nike shoes instead of Adidas? When was the last time you complained about going to school or work? So when was the last time you gave a thought about poverty around the world and the people who are suffering from it?

We are blessed with a roof to shelter us, three meals a day, warm and comfortable environment, clean water and other necessities and extra needs. However, while we are having a decent life there are millions of people around the world suffering, starving and dying. These people suffer from poverty.

Poverty is the absence of basic needs. Poverty is pain. Poverty is agony. Poverty is torture. Poverty is DEATH. One child dies from poverty every 3.5 seconds around the world. Shocking is it not? Unfortunately, that is the bitter truth about poverty. Poverty is not one country's issue, it is a global misfortune. Poverty haunts a lot of countries around the world such as, India, Africa, Mexico, Philippines and a lot more.

How was it to not have water supply for a few days? Frustrating and troublesome was it not? However, everything goes back to normal soon after for us but people in poverty is forever on the verge of not having water supply and even if they do, it is not safe for consumption. Besides that, most of them suffers from diseases such as Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Diarrhoeal disease. Worst of all, they do not have enough vaccine and medical care to be cured which results to death.

We as the more fortunate human beings should strive to do our best so that in the future we can help the world to reduce poverty. Every little small contribution has a significance in this cause. The next time we see a campaign going on about saving world poverty, spread it. The next time someone asks for donation to those suffering from poverty, contribute, even a cent is important to them.

People suffer from poverty because their economy is very hard on them. They do not earn enough to feed themselves and those under their care. Not that they don't want to earn more but they just don't have the choice. There was one documentary that featured a women in Philippines who earned on average one to two dollars a day. That is not even enough to buy one meal so how are they going to live? On the other hand, they are a lot of fortunate people spending thousands of dollars on a hand bag. Imagine how many children we can save with a thousand dollars.

 Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit.  ~Eli Khamarov, Lives of the Cognoscenti
Poverty is blind and is never fair. We can help spread awareness about it and make a difference. Just think of the lives we can save. Besides that, they are a lot of poverty related issues we can prevent. For example, human trafficking and prostitution is largely caused by poverty. The more the reason for us to start taking actions. We might not abolish poverty overnight but every single step leads on to another which in the end, who knows, we might never hear of poverty again. Nothing is impossible and from the word impossible it is actually I M POSSIBLE
"I am possible"

Here are they sites you can visit:
Project Concern International
One Day's Wages
World for World

or just Google the word poverty and you will have access to many other relating sites.

I highly recommend you to visit this link This site reports the death of a child due to poverty every second. May we learn something from it.

Taken from the website

Help make a difference

Written by the yakster, Amy Lim Su Yen.
Credits: Pictures taken from Google, edited by me.


akuzle said...

but still, children here keep on complaining...

S.K.I said...

Nice Information....
keep posting...

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

@akuzle Haha, yup but I guess not many people will understand :-(

@ S.K.I Thanks! Glad you find it nice :-)

Thanks for dropping by you guys! Much appreciated :-)

Chloe said...

they look so pity...People are still complaining maybe should let this post be seen to the children who are complaining

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

True, they really are suffering and children here are taking everything for granted....

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