Sunday, August 22, 2010

YakPersonal: Family BBQ Party

I had an awesome time during my family BBQ party yesterday night. It has been a very long time since we got together. Hence, a BBQ party did all the trick. We spent quality time last night, bonding and yakking about anything that came to our minds. I highly recommend everyone to organize a BBQ party if you want to have a great family get together.

Organizing a BBQ party is actually really easy, fun and simple. The most important things, besides time, date and venue is obviously the food. Of course, there is nothing more important than the food, right? So, what kind of food to prepare for a BBQ party? In my opinion, the most important food item is meat, whether you like chicken, lamb or beef. Just prepare some meat and I would suggest satay too. Side dish can be noodles, fried rice, salad. Well, basically anything that tickles your taste bud.

When it comes to food, the more, the better it is
Satay, don't you just feel like having one right now?
Fresh fruits to give us the right head start

Homemade cookies, we try each others skills
Food is definitely the best part of it but even better, the process of getting the food cook. The most important thing we must know when having a BBQ party is, know how to get the fire burning. Besides that, patience and a few tricks up the sleeve. Especially when you are cooking satay for a lot of people. Don't tell me you are going to stand there fanning 100 sticks of satay the whole night? Here is our way of doing it.

Smart right? The wonders of electric fans
So, everyone just eat, yak, eat, yak and eat some more. That is the best part of a family gathering. We eat and we yak.

Lastly, I took about 700 pictures during this BBQ party so how about a picture of me? A little tip, find a mirror.

One picture out of 700, not bad

Go on, organize a BBQ party and enjoy life to the fullest!

The yakster had too much fun now she have a bad stomach ache.


Soh Hong Wei said...

Look at the amount of food! =)
A great party! Personally, i love BBQ, as in the cooking of the food over the charcoals or fire.. it's fun! =)

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

Yeah, me too! You should try cooking satay with an electric fan....that is even better :-) Haha :-)

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