Sunday, August 22, 2010

YakEvents: Wang Lee Hom, 18 Martial Arts press conference and showcase in Malaysia

The yakster's Sunday was occupied the whole day. I went to see Wang Lee Hom in person. It is indeed a very good opportunity to meet a superstar like Lee Hom. So this is what I did on Sunday, Lee Hom's showcase is scheduled to be at 7 p.m. at central park, One Utama. Hence, my friend and I planned to watch Lee Hom's movie, Love in Disguise at 12 p.m before entering the fan club zone at the showcase.

I highly recommend you to watch Love in Disguise, a movie starring Lee Hom and directed by him as well. The plot of the story is very well planned. The acting was natural, even for all the actors and actresses. Furthermore, the movie has all the different aspects such as humor, romance and a lot of meaningful lessons to incorporate in ourselves. Do go and watch it if you have the time.

After the movie, we decided to visit One World hotel because we knew Lee Hom is staying there. We thank our lucky stars because Lee Hom's press conference was about to take place at Jasmine&Orchid Room, One World Hotel. A guard was kind enough to show us the way and we manage to find our way there. All the media people was there but they let us lurk around the area.

We decided to wait for Lee Hom to arrive and at around 3 p.m, half an hour before the press conference started, guards were standing at the entrance and they forbid other people from entering. However, we were already in so they didn't send us off. Therefore, we were the only fans around to see Lee Hom arrive and I want to give him two thumbs up because Lee Hom was very punctual, arriving at 3.30 p.m. on the dot.

Lee Hom, arriving at the press conference venue  
Dressed in simple white t-shirt
He said, "Hi" to us
There is no doubt Lee Hom is down to earth because we were just some fans standing there but he said "Hi" to us. Hence, he is definitely one unpretentious artist and it is admirable because not many artist is like that. The press conference was from 3.30p.m. to 5.00p.m but we couldn't go in because it was a closed conference. Hence, we made our way to grab some food before the showcase.

A lot of people were there, no kidding. There was at least 2000 people or more than that. I am not sure because I couldn't even see everyone that was standing, waiting for him. Lee Hom sure has a huge fan base. Anyone was welcomed to meet Lee Hom and if they wanted to get his signature and meet him up close then all they have to do is to purchase 18 Martial Arts, Lee Hom's latest album at RM50 which came with a gigantic poster and necklace.

Homaniacs fan club zone

Look at the crowd

We waited from 4.30p.m to 7p.m for Lee Hom to arrive and again he was punctual. MyFM DJ Royce was the emcee and he when he announced the arrival of Lee Hom, everyone was very excited. Lee Hom came on stage and performed "Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi" which is the theme song of Love In Disguise. He sang it very well and everyone was mesmerized by Lee Hom.

Lee Hom talking
MyFM DJ Royce asking Lee Hom a few questions        

 After Lee Hom's splendid performance, he proceeded to sign our albums. It must be very tough to become such a successful artist because he had to sign up to a few thousand albums.

My friend, red bag. Yakster, behind, brown bag.
Even when signing, Lee Hom waved and said, "Hi"
After Lee Hom signed finished the Homaniac fan club fans albums he went to ask Royce what should he do if he needs to go to the toilet. Royce told Lee Hom that there are no toilets available on stage so Lee Hom joked around and asked if he must continue to hold it in. Hence, Lee Hom excused himself for a while and he promised to be back to sign the other fan's album which were not from the fans club which is indeed a lot more people.

I absolutely love this picture

Lee Hom left and promised to be back. However, we were too tired to wait and since we already saw him up close and got his signature we decided to go home. I pity the fans that had to wait for him but Lee Hom will always sign every single one of his fan's album even if it has to be until midnight.

It was an amazing experience meeting Wang Lee Hom live in Malaysia. I enjoyed myself even though it was really tiring and I am happy to know that there are such genuine artist out there. Wang Lee Hom can sing, dance and his personality shines the most. He smiled at the yakster and not many artist will even look up to a fan when they sign their album. My conclusion, Wang Lee Hom is an artist that deserves the fame and fortune he has.

The yakster took more pictures and recorded Wang Lee Hom's performance live which will be updated later on after all necessary editing is completed. Hope you enjoyed meeting Lee Hom through here if you missed him in person.


aiwei said...

Is he actually that good looking in person? LOL

So cool to meet him in person....*blush**

Nana Lana said...

he is indeed one dashing guy!

Hilda Milda™ said...

whoa, so nice can get to see lee hom! so leng zhai lah *drools*

RunWitMe said...

Wow...Great coverage from a fan. ;) Pls visit my blog for the press con & showcase pics too. Thanks!

RunWitMe said...

Forgot the link -

Anonymous said...

@ Ai wei He is! :-)

@Nana I absolutely agree, not to mention his personality is awesome :-)

@Hilda Milda I know! :-)

@RunWitMe Thanks :-) I will :-)

John said...


` Yi Han said...

GOD! I like lee hom he is so good lookinggg! :D

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

@John Are you okay? Haha, that was my reaction to when I saw him in front of me :-)

@Yi Han He is good looking but his personality is even better :-)

christine said...

omg,lee hom..faint* :)

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

@Christine yeah, Lee Hom can definitely make us faint :-)

Aidi-Safuan said...

wahhhh... so crowded~

lydia said...

wa..u went to c lee hom!! that was awesome...he is so handsome...

joshuaongys said...

awesome post u have there!! =D leehom best heheh

LeneLene said...

arrghh!!! Lee hom!!! I missed that T__T

Amy Lim Su Yen said...

@Aidi Yup, 7000 people :-)

@Lydia He is very handsome :-)

@Joshua Thanks :-) He is!

@LeneLene Never mind, he comes almost every year :-) Next time I will ajak you, ok? :-)

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