Monday, February 14, 2011

Have you start planning for your school holidays in March, June or September? If you have not plan anything for the holidays then I highly recommend you to join The Star BRATs search 2011. BRATs is a young journalist program by The Star Newspaper since the year 1993. It does not matter if you are interested in journalism or not. Just join the program and it would be a decision you will never regret making.

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My The Star BRATs 2010 experience

I am pretty sure everyone knows The Star newspaper. It was actually my younger sister who urged me to join the BRATs program in year 2010 which was the year before this. I wrote in a thousand word essay with the theme, about myself. Originally, I stated in my essay to participate in the Kuching workshop but due to some constraints I went for the Kuantan workshop in September. 

It was a good thing though that I had not attend the workshop in Kuching and instead participated in the Kuantan workshop because from there I met the most wonderful friends. BRATs is a four day workshop in which you will be separated into groups and given tasks such as writing a feature article, video and photo essay. The facilitators of the workshop who are usually The Star R.A.G.E team will be teaching us what the real world has in store for us. 

They will arrange for us places and people to be interviewed while we, as the participants must conduct the necessary interviews, take pictures and film the video footage needed to complete our assigned tasks. My group went to a Keropok Lekor factory and also did an interview with Malaysia's number one surfer. Although it was working on our assignments until midnight everyday but we still squeezed in lots of fun whenever possible. 

Each group also did a performance of their choice to entertain our facilitators which are non other than Ivy Soon, Sharmila Nair, Ian Yee, Jessica Tan, Jason Lioh, Andrea and Leon. My group did short sketches and I was the person killing herself with a kitchen fork. It was a night of laughters accompanied with a few rounds of games.

Basically, the best part of BRATs program is the experience and friends gained. You are basically in one big family, the BRATs family after joining this young journalist program with The Star. I have met BRATs from other workshops after that. Whenever you find out someone is also a BRATs both of you are automatically friends. Just recently, I found out my vice president of AIESEC Taylors, NCR department is also a senior BRATs.

It does not matter if you have no intention to be a journalist, just join BRATs for a wonderful experience and meet new people. This year is my turn to ask my sister to take part. Go on and just send in an essay, photo essay or video about yourself and I will be looking forward to meeting you in future BRATs gatherings.


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