Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our passion is not defined by our gears. Which passion am I referring to? I am referring to my passion in photography. There are a lot of times whereby you will have that certain uneasy feeling when another person doubts you for your gear. I had that feeling quite often but I have realized now to just believe in your own capabilities and strive for the best.

Do not get me wrong. I am not saying my photography skills is beyond amazing which in fact, is not even close to good. I love photography. I love the feeling of going through pictures that were taken by myself. I love to smile when a story is being told through my pictures. The idea of going out for photo walks is mind blowing. 

That is what I call passion. In my opinion, passion is the key to motivation and determination. I will continue to improve on my photography skills. I believe we can never stop learning so I will definitely continue to learn everyday. Learn to be a better photographer. Learn to take better pictures. Learn to learn.

This is just a random post I felt like writing because I am truly inspired by a few amazing people. First off, Jason (http://jasonmumbles.com/)  made me realize that the camera we use does not define our photography. His words were motivating and I appreciate it very much. It is true that the camera we use do matter but not entirely the most important thing. What is important is passion.

A perfect example of someone I know who has a lot of passion in photography and does not let his gears set his limitations will be Andrian (http://andrian-tam-photography.blogspot.com/) Andrian promotes compact camera photography. The pictures he can take with a compact camera is better than some people who owns a DSLR camera for fun. 

I guess I have made my point. Everything is a learning process. We all make mistakes, we all fail at times. The important thing is to keep on learning and improving. 


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