Sunday, February 13, 2011

The most popular KL marathon organized by Standard Chartered is back in 2011. As usual, the categories, requirements, registration fees are still the same. If you do not fancy night marathons than do sign up for this one.

Event details
Date: 26 June 2011

For more information:

I suggest you register as soon as possible to get the early bird discount. Trust me, you will not regret running for this marathon as it is one of the most well organized marathon in KL. You have my word.

My Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010 experience 

Not quite sure if I had blog about my experience last year or not but anyhow I will share a bit of my experience running the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010. Last year, it was held on the 27 June 2010. There are bus services from several pick-up points that will bring us to the venue which was at Dataran Merdeka. The bus my dad and I took was from One Utama Shopping Centre.

If you are a runner that will participate in the marathon I suggest getting up from bed at 3 a.m. to do necessary warm up exercises and to allow your body to freshen up from a good night sleep. That was the time I woke up last year whilst everyone else was still sleeping in bed. If you are just going to accompany someone else than I suggest waking up an hour later at around 4 a.m. which was the time my dad got up from bed.

Another reason to wake up earlier is to allow your light breakfast to digest. Usually a piece of fruit like banana or an energy bar. I had an energy bar in the bus and most runners were eating bananas as well. Basically, getting there early is always better, imagine trying to withstand the excitement you have at home. I do not recommend driving your car all the way to the venue because there will be several load closure and parking space is very limited. The bus and train services can be obtained from Standard Chartered's website or you can always ask for assistance during the running kit collection day.

If you are going there alone I suggest bringing minimal things with you because the line at the save keeping service is extremely long. I was lucky my dad accompanied me so I managed to avoid the massive queue. You do not have to worry about your partners having to wait for you because there are places allocated for them to rest and have something to eat.

After the run, there will be performances and a price giving ceremony. You can choose to stay until the whole event finishes or leave early. I went home before the prize giving ceremony for the other categories ended and took the LRT home with my dad. The experience was a good one and definitely one of the best. A certificate will be addressed to you few months later with you finishing place and record time. Medals were given to us on that day itself.

So anyone wants to join me for this year's run?

Enjoy your run, enjoy your life.


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