Saturday, September 18, 2010

It cannot be denied that Korean music is seeping into most of our lives and because of its increasing popularity. More and more Korean groups are debuting into the industry. This version of K-POP WAR: GIRL GROUPS features the top female groups in Korean music industry. Below are the latest music videos from a total of fourteen Korean girl groups. Which one will be crowned the best Korean girl group? You pick the winner.

SNSD Run devil run

KARA 2me

2NE1 Can't nobody

Brown eyed girls Abracadabra


Wondergirls 2 different tears

After school Bang!

T-ARA I go crazy because of you


missA bad girl, good girl

SISTAR Shady girl

Nine muses Play boy

Rainbow A

Secret Madonna

Which one is your favourite Korean girl group and why? 

Cast your vote in the comment section and the group with most votes will be featured and the yakster will write a feature article on the winning group. 

Video credits to Youtube uploaders.


Anonymous said...


I love SNSD. They are very versatile in their styles of dancing & singing. Plus they've had a very vast experience in the K-pop industry. after all, they are one of the earliest to debut among all of the featured groups. Not only that, their hit-songs like Gee has proven to be very very very popular among the Koreans. I think so far, they're the most successful K-pop girl groups.

And they've got catchy dance moves ;) (Gee, Genie, Run Devil Run, Oh)

*JacQueliNe* said...

Hey. seriously! I start addicted to Korean Songs! At 1st i was so ignore them. LOL. But end up with-- fall in love.

Kelvin Tan said...

Don't like KPop girl groups. All the same, copy from Japanese. Act cute, do some dances but singing, ok only.

Apharock said...

Wonder girls. Their video always have some comedy infuse into it. The manager is always the target of jokes which make the whole group interesting, of course not forgetting their catchy songs as well.

Chel said...

Brown Eyed Girls, they're really mature and sexy ^^

Carrie said...

All sexy girls....

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