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Section B: Continuous Writing
[50 marks]

Write a composition of about 350 words on one of the following topics.

2. Write a story beginning with:
“I am so glad to see you”

I am so glad to see you 
by, Amy Lim Su Yen

“I am so glad to see you” whispered my heart as he walked past me in the hall. I took a glance at him once more before he disappeared from my sight. It has been the same every single day for the past 10 years. He has changed from a height of four feet tall to almost approximately six feet tall. His blonde hair has turned to a slight shade of honey gold colour. His voice has changed to an octave deeper. Most of all, those blue eyes of his, has never changed.

My heart hurts to know that our distance is so near yet so far apart. My heart yearns to undo what has happened between us but I can never bring myself to do it. If only it had not happened or if I had enough courage to forgive myself for what had happened. Sometimes I still shed a tear when I recall that incident that took place.

 It was that incident at this very same school hall, five years ago. The image flashed into my mind, I can never forget that day. I was at my locker when suddenly, “Hey, Amanda. Are you going to the celebration party later?” asked Peter as he closes his locker.

It did not ring any bell in my head. What celebration party is he talking about? I thought hard for a while. “You forgot did you?” he asked me catching sight of my long gaze into space. I nodded in embarrassment, it is very unlikely for me to forget anything especially if it is something to do with my friends. “I am so sorry but what celebration party?” I asked Peter. He looked at me in the eyes. My heart was beating as fast as the clock can tick. It is always very odd when this happens.

“Peter? Did you hear my question, Peter?” I shook him a bit. Peter jutted as though he was in a dream. “Yes, yes the party. We are celebrating our drama clubs first anniversary tonight remember? At the Pop Cafe three blocks down the road” he told me as a matter of fact. “Right, right, it slipped my mind. What time is it again?” not only did it slip my mind. In fact I do not have any details of it in my memory at all.

Peter held his watch up, “Well, now its four o’ clock and the party starts at around six o’ clock. Do you want to come over to my house instead of heading home? It is rather far from your house you know”. He is right. The Pop Café is only three blocks away from school but if I were to go home first and then go all the way back to the Pop Café it will take me a slightly longer time. “Alright then, if you do not mind bringing such a hassle home then thank you” I smiled.

“It is a whole lot of trouble to bring you home you know. So, perhaps a treat tomorrow morning would make up for it” he teased. “Come on, Peter. Let us get going before the janitor starts to chase us out from the school hall. You do know he has quite a temper” I urged as I can hear Mr. Potter approaching us. “We better hurry then” Peter walked off immediately and I trailed off behind him.

I winced at the bitter sweet memory. If only I did not agree to follow him home. It was a decision I regret making. Unfortunately, I cannot turn back the time passed and take back that decision of mine. If only I could. Just then, the bell rang. I grabbed my History text book and headed for class.

Everyone was talking to each other before Ms. Adeline comes to class. I sat alone, reading my History books and blocking the noise out from my ears. Suddenly, the whole class became dead silent as she entered and slammed her books down onto the table. “Good morning, class” her sharp voice greeted us. “I am glad you are all ready to start our class. Now before we start we have a new classmate joining us for a fun History lesson from today onwards” she announced to us while everyone had the ears opened and eyes glued to the front.

 I admire the confidence Ms. Adeline has and the courage embedded in her. When she first arrived in our school as a practical teacher everyone in class bullied her. There were countless times she found pins on her chair and rubber spiders under her desk. However, one day she stood up in front of the entire class and vowed to come back as a different teacher the day after and she did. She came back filed with confidence in herself and of course a whole lot scarier as well and it was enough to make the boys in class listen to her.
“Alright class, please welcome Mr. Peter Anderson for joining us” I was brought back to reality as soon as I heard those words. 
My ears must be failing me.  Did she just say Peter Anderson? Peter Anderson? I watched the boy entering the door and it was not mistake. It is Peter, the only Peter I ever knew. “Good morning Ms. Adeline” he greeted her with respect. She gave him a firm nod and signaled him to the sit behind me. “You can take your seat Mr. Peter and class should commence. Come on, hurry up. You can sit behind Ms. Amanda, the seat is empty” she made it loud and clear.

If there was a hole right now then you will find me in it. Of all seats the one right behind me has to be empty. He walked past me and sat down. Our eyes did not meet, I avoided him as usual. “You are a coward” I whispered to myself.  History lesson was long, it was very long and every second passed by slower than a snail could move. It was as though sitting in front of your parents and listening to them lecture about boys but then again, nothing can be longer than lying in the hospital bed and starring at the ceiling for four months.
I can feel my heart pulsating thinking of it and for the fact that he is sitting behind me did not make things very much easier for me. “Ms. Amanda. Ms. Amanda, can you hear me?” Ms. Adeline alerted me. “Can you please stand up and tell the class what you think of the statement made by Confucius” she asked. I nodded, I stood up and just before I could say anything everything was spinning around me and then everything was black.

Everything was pitched black. Where am I? Where is this place? I see someone in front of me, someone very familiar. “Peter? Peter is that you?” I called out. No answer. He is running away from me, leaving me alone. “Wait, Peter. Peter!” I screamed out to him. “Peter!” I flung myself forward and there was light. I scanned my surrounding. I am at the nursing room. “Yes, you called me?” a warm voice asked. Then I realized he is sitting right in front of me. Peter.

My heart is beating fast again. What is he doing here? My head was fixed down, avoiding his gaze. I can feel 
him coming closer to me. “Look at me Amanda” he is right in front of me, a small distance apart. “Why would you not look at me? Look at me Amanda” he asked again. Tears started to fall. “I do not want to” I said out loud. “You are a liar. You are a very bad liar” he said. I lift my head and look right into his eyes. His eyes were warm but filled with sadness. It was not the same eyes I remembered them to be.

“Your eyes, they are not the same. They are, sad” I said softly. He stared at me. “It became like that ever since that incident, Amanda” he said to me and both of us locked our gaze in place. It was that incident……

 1400 words.
One hour.

 [I did not have time to finish the story I had plotted out in my head so I ended it as a cliff hanger. An hour is not enough T_T]


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