Friday, October 15, 2010

First of all, let me assure you that it takes just one cigarette and you are on your way to your death bed. Smoking is more hazardous than anything else in this world. Of course, unless you decide to jump off the building or pull a gun to your head then that is an immediate death but smoking is different. It develops slowly, the negative effects gather itself without you realizing it until one day it hits you like a thunder struck. Everything about smoking leads to one thing which is death. Every part of the world tells you the same thing about smoking, DEATH. No matter what language you speak it will translate smoking to one word, DEATH.

If smoking leads to nothing else but death why do people still want to put this tiny little deceiving cigarette into their mouths? First of all, the most common reason for doing such a foolish act is CURIOSITY. Just imagine yourself, young, naive and plain dumb. All your other so called cool friends are smoking and you wonder what is it like. Everyday, you hear of it, you see it from other smokers and you smell it. The CURIOSITY just starts to build up in you until one day you cannot hold it any longer and then you decide that one tiny cigarette will not do you any harm so you give it a try, just ONE.

Little did you know that one cigarette leads to another and another. It becomes a regular habit, then it evolves into a craving and then it becomes an addiction. So congratulations you have just started to install cancer into yourself. Therefore, never give in to your curiosity when it comes to smoking. Ever heard of, 'Curiosity kills the cat'? For your information, in this case its not curiosity kills the cat but rather, 'CURIOSITY KILLS YOU'.

Well obviously there are more than one reason as to why people start smoking but non of it valid. You want to smoke because of stress? You want to smoke because you are bored? You want to smoke because its a trend? You want to smoke because you just want to? My last question is, are you out of your mind? Stress is not the reason to start smoking. If you are bored, go do something productive with your life. Even if you waste your time on something unproductive it does not matter as long as you do not reach out for a cigarette because of your boredom. If you want to smoke because you just want to then no one can help you because you are in control of you.

However, if you choose to smoke you are not only foolish but selfish. Selfish because when you smoke the people around you suffer a worse fate than you will. The people you love, your mother, father, siblings and friends will be pulled into a worse fate than you would. When you smoke you are an active smoker and the people around you are passive smokers. Unfortunately, the possibility of death for passive smokers is higher and faster than active smokers. The amount of smoke that you inhale is doubled for passive smokers. So just remember this, when you smoke you not only kill yourself but the people around you especially your loved ones.

Next on, if you are a pregnant smoker than you are not just selfish but heartless. If you do not know by now, smoking will cause premature birth. Your baby will suffer because of you. Your supposed to be perfect baby with complete body parts is now ruined because of you. You smoke but your baby is suffering because of it. Your beautiful baby girl or boy who has not even know what smoking is has already been affected by it. Worst of all, some babies do not even get to see the world because of the selfish act of some very irresponsible mothers. Selfish and heartless complex organism and you call yourself a human being.

Fortunately, smoking is not an immediate death sentence. Its never too late to regret and start a new beginning. You can still stop smoking now and your life might just be spared. However, it takes a lot of determination, strong will and support to successfully forget about your addiction. There are many smokers who has conquer their addiction and banish smoking from their life. You too can do it. If you think you can, you can. Ask for help from your family members, from doctors or even experts. Do research, read articles and even ask other smokers who has stopped smoking. Search the internet for rehabilitation centres. Others will help you if you want to help yourself.

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Article: Take just ONE and congratulations you are installing cancer written by Amy Lim Su Yen.

[Blogging and practicing my writing skills for my English 1119 SPM paper as well, its like killing two birds with one stone]


thomas said...

Nice way to practice and a very good excuse for blogging.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, yeah its the only excuse I can give myself for blogging without feeling guilty :)

Anonymous said...

I've been searching in google for some items and accidentally found this blog.
You sure can write and teach and inspire. Keep writing - I'll keep reading.

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