Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I decided to delete my previous blog and create another one with my current Google account. I recently signed up for a Google account and I like its efficiency a lot. Time has been strictly tight and my schedule has left me with little space to blog. The last time I blogged was in March. I think it will be ridiculous if i were to put down two months of events into one post. Hence, I shall not do that.

The seconds ticked by so fast I can hardly recall what I did for the past two months. Besides, I barely keep track of things already. I only remember three things that I did for the past two months. Three events that left a mark in me, kept and locked securely in my heart. However, it looks like I only have time to blog on one.

S.H.E Love is The One Concert in Malaysia

This concert was held on 6 of March. It is one of my most unforgettable experience. I am grateful I have such a supportive mother. She bought me tickets to watch my favourite idols perform life on stage eventhough she knows I have an important exam around the corner, SPM. My mother not only bought me tickets to go but she followed me as well because I didn't want to go alone. We arrived at the Bukit Jalili Outdoor Stadium at around 6 o'clock. My mother was hilarious when she tried to reverse into the parking space. Now I understand why most woman were claimed to be lousy drivers. Hopefull I inherit my father's driving skills.

My mother and I waited in the car because it rained heavily. In our hearts, we were praying for the rain to stop because the show must go on. Luckily, the rain gradually decreased to a mere drizzle and we went to take a look around the stadium. Many people came early. Fans of S.H.E from almost everywhere were here to support them. They were fans from Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and even Hong Kong. S.H.E's Malaysia fan club came dressed in pyjamas, one of the theme for the concert.

My mother laughed at them but she was impressed to see so many people. We entered quite early and my first impression of the stage was, "Oh my goodness". The stage was absolutely amazing! Even my mother praised the set up of the stage. Waiting is definately not a fun process, especially when you're waiting to see your favourite idols perform live on stage. S.H.E arrived on time, which I'm not surprised at all. The show started with a performance by two unknown female singers.

S.H.E then started with a rendition of Super Star. Everyone screamed at the top of their lungs and we were all stunned by their presence. The teenage spirit from within my mother was emerged that night. She was more hyper than I was, screaming and waving at them. I am glad my mother enjoyed it as much as I did. That night was really a night to remember. I always heard of people praising S.H.E for their live performances and professionalism and I couldn't agree more.

Their singing be it recorded or live is simply the best. Of course, if only you're a fan of S.H.E you would understand my statement but otherwise the opinion can be likewise. The videos shown during the concert was also very creative, portraying the journey of Selina, Hebe and Ella growing up together and realising their dreams. I enjoyed their KTV session, another well organized part of the concert. The trio was so funny, making jokes and enjoying themselves on stage. They were even eating the fruits served on stage. They must be very tired and hungry during then.

The show was breath taking and it ended before midnight. It was three hours of valueable memories and experience. I am so glad i went and witnessed their concert. In the future, if there will be another one, I will definately attend their concert again. So after becoming a fan of S.H.E for more than year I have already met them twice. Once last year during their OSIM promotion and this year during the concert. Hopefully, there will more oppurtunity to meet the three of them again in the future.



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